How a FitReserve Membership Can Keep You in Shape

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Ah, the joy of being able to sign up for an intense cycling class without leaving your couch, or the sweet satisfaction of deciding on your lunch break that you can crush it in HIIT-class tonight and signing up straight from your phone. With online signups at your favorite studio being so easy, or your go-to kickboxing class offering ten-pack packages two clicks away, it’s easier than ever to get into a workout rut where you sign up for the same workout class month after month. What’s worse, this could also be effecting your calorie burn and slowing down muscle growth and fitness progress. It’s time to stop letting this sly land mine derail your commitment to reaching your fitness goals.

Enter: FitReserve, a popular New York City-based and rapidly-growing boutique sign-up concierge service that makes fitting in interesting and convenient workouts as easy as having an internet connection. FitReserve, along with other multi-studio membership platforms across the country, is great for trying out an assortment of classes that you wouldn’t otherwise buy a package for, let alone try (aerial hoop class at Body & Pole, we’re looking at you), and to challenge yourself to get a varied mix of exercise to fight workout fatigue. Megan Smyth, co-founder and CEO of FitReserve, shares her insider secrets for how to make the most out of your membership to help usher in a healthier, fitter you.

Mix it up

Bye-bye, 7 a.m. runner’s club times five times a week. “Take advantage of the wide variety of classes offered through FitReserve to ensure you are using different muscle groups and to prevent plateaus. Big fan of cardio classes? Aim to also take at least one strength and conditioning class to work your muscles and mix in a yoga class to get in a good stretch to restore body and mind,” suggests Smyth.

Come prepared

It’s pretty darn embarrassing showing up to a sneakers-required class in your flip-flops. Never again. Smyth explains,

Each booking confirmation and studio page on FitReserve includes a ‘Know Before You Go’ which includes all of the important details before arriving to class, including whether spin shoes, gloves, mats, water, showers, etc. are provided as well as relevant location details. Make sure to read these in advance so you know what to expect before you arrive and come prepared with the appropriate equipment and attire.

Challenge yourself, but don’t be a superhero

Smyth breaks it down:

FitReserve is the perfect platform to try new things and discover new workouts and studios. But be sure to pay attention to class descriptions and levels — if you have never been on a reformer, start off with an intro class to learn the method and how the equipment works before diving into a higher level class. This is for your safety and will also provide a better workout if you’re using proper form. Have any injuries? Make sure to let the instructor know before class so that he or she can suggest the appropriate modifications.

Know your schedule

FitReserve Class

Source: FitReserve via Facebook

Figuring out how to fit in workouts with your other priorities is key. Plan ahead, folks. “Schedule your workouts in advance and sync your classes with your personal/work calendar so the time is blocked out and excuses won’t get in the way,” suggests Smyth. She adds,

Scheduling your workouts in advance is a great way to establish a routine and make sure excuses don’t get in the way. However, if your schedule is always influx and meetings tend to pop up that you can’t get out of, take advantage of our last-minute booking options to avoid having to late cancel or miss a class (and any late cancel/no show fees). With so many options to choose from (25,000 classes/month in NYC on FitReserve alone), you’re bound to find a class nearby that works for you on the fly.

Even better: See if you can team up with others. “Breaking a sweat is more fun with friends and helps to keep you motivated. Instead of happy hour, grab a friend or your girlfriend and plan your classes together to keep each other on track,” says Smyth.

Arrive early

“Try to arrive 15 minutes early, especially if you’re a first-timer so that you can check in, sign a waiver and get familiar with your new studio and meet the instructor. This will also allow you time to get set up on your new bike in spin class, get wrapped for a boxing class, and grab a spot for your mat of your choice in yoga class,” says Smyth.

Nervous about slipping out of the office for class? Considering transforming work into a workout. “From the leaderboard to the boardroom, sweatworking is a great way to strengthen relationships and build camaraderie with clients and colleagues while getting in a great workout. Plus, you may just be able to sneak out of the office a little earlier to make your ‘meeting’ on the spin bike,” says Smyth.

Try different instructors

“If you didn’t love a class the first time, try it again with a different instructor — every instructor has a different style and some may be a better fit for you than others depending on your fitness level and personality preferences,” offers Smyth. And don’t be afraid to push yourself beyond your regular fitness grind.

One of the great perks of memberships with FitReserve and services like it is discovering new classes. “From SurfSET’s surf-inspired classes to trampoline-based classes, try something completely different and out of your comfort zone — odds are you’ll have a great time and get in a solid workout to boot,” Smyth encourages.

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