You’ll Never Believe How Boring the Queen’s Morning Routine Really Is

Queen Elizabeth II has had the same job for over 60 years. She’s had plenty of time to master her role and adapt to the many changes the United Kingdom has endured over the years.

Over time, she, like many successful people around the world, has also established a strict morning routine. It involves tea, corgis, and the BBC. And if you think that sounds unusually boring for a queen, you’re absolutely correct. It’s simple, it’s comfortable, and that’s just the way she likes it.

First, tea and biscuits

Queen Elizabeth walks outdoors with a plate of tea and biscuits.

Queen Elizabeth enjoys tea and a few biscuits. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Your day likely begins with a cup — or four — of coffee and a rushed breakfast. But wherever she’s staying, the queen always chooses tea. Queen Elizabeth can’t start her morning without a cup of Earl Grey and a few biscuits before breakfast.

Next: A queen must stay up to date on current events.

It’s not morning without the radio

Queen Elizabeth II Visits Frankfurt am Main

She has to know all about the news that affects her people. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

During her morning bath, the queen listens to BBC Radio — specifically, BBC Radio 4’s Today program. This is just one of several ways she keeps up with the news and current events affecting her country and the world as a whole.

Next: This royal staff member loves his job.

A queen needs her hair done

Queen Elizabeth walks with a bonet tied over her hair.

A queen has got to look good every day. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

After the news and a bath, the queen dresses in her first of several outfits for the day before her hairdresser gets to work. She’s had the same hairdresser for almost 20 years, and he claims she is his favorite client.

Next: She always eats breakfast — but never has it alone.

Breakfast with the duke — and corgis

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip on a train.

The queen enjoys a quiet breakfast with Prince Philip each day. | Arthur Edwards/AFP/Getty Images

The workday can’t begin without a private breakfast with Prince Philip. The queen usually enjoys toast, though the options also include cereal and yogurt. While the corgis have their own special food, they sometimes get a small taste of Elizabeth’s breakfast if she feels like sharing.

Next: Listening to the radio can’t possibly give you all the news you need.

Catching up on the news — again

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth smiling and laughing together.

It is very important for her to stay on top of the news. | Phil Noble/WPA Pool/Getty Images

During breakfast with the duke and pups, the staff makes sure to deliver the news in a slightly different format. Queen Elizabeth reads the newspaper every morning while enjoying her toast — usually the Daily Telegraph or Racing Post.

Next: Before work, the queen enjoys some live music.

A daily dose of bagpipes

Queen Elizabeth sitting in her room.

While we listen to Spotify, the queen enjoys some live bagpipe tunes. | Mary McCartney/Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II via Getty Images

Once she’s had her tea, biscuits, bath, and breakfast, the queen enjoys a special weekday morning tradition: bagpipes. She doesn’t play them herself (that would be anything but boring), but her hired piper spends some time providing a gentle Scottish soundtrack to the end of a relaxing morning.

Next: Even her “exercise routine” is all too familiar.

Finally, it’s time for paperwork — and dog walking

Queen Elizabeth signing a document in her book.

She does lots of errands each day. | Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images

The queen spends the next part of her morning reading letters and documents, ready to sign or respond to any of them if needed. Once she’s completed this task, she takes the dogs on a daily morning walk, so everyone can get a little exercise in before lunch.

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