You Might Be Surprised By How Different the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Look in Real Life

Sports Illustrated is known for its coverage of athletes, of course. But it’s also known for one issue in particular — the swimsuit edition. And while some of the photos have been more controversial than others, it’s also served as the perfect venue to catapult young women into fame and fortune for their charming looks.

You probably have an idea of what each model looks like from the photos within the magazine. But what about how they present themselves in real life? Here’s what the swimsuit ladies actually look like.

1. Kate Upton

Chrissy Teigen collage.

Left: Kate Upton posing like a true swimsuit model. | Sports Illustrated, Right: The off-duty model at a baseball game. | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Thanks to her appearance on multiple covers of Sports Illustrated over the years, Kate Upton’s known as one of the swimsuit issue queens. She’s even stirred controversy thanks to her shoot in the Antarctic and the heavy airbrushing many eagle-eyed readers have spotted. As for what Kate really looks like as she heads out of the house, this is it.

She may be a supermodel, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t sport laid-back style. And others have also noticed she’s lost weight since her SI days, which has been met with mixed reviews.

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2. Chrissy Teigen

Left: Chrissy Teigen looking sultry in a revealing swimsuit. | Sports Illustrated, Right: Chrissy enjoying a fun day with her daughter, Luna. | Chrissy Teigan via Instagram

She’s known for her unique beauty and model looks, and Chrissy Teigen has managed to stay in the spotlight even after her Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos. Her marriage to John Legend certainly helps her maintain fame. And according to how she acts on social media, she’s a lot more like the average person than many ever would have thought.

Here, she’s playing with her daughter — a common sight for the domestic mom. She and Legend welcomed their second child, a boy, into their family in May 2018.

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3. Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford collage.

Left: Cindy Crawford was an iconic model. | Sports Illustrated, Right: Cindy is now a mom to a teenage model. | Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

You remember her for her slicked-back hair and sexy beach poses in the ’80s. But today, Cindy Crawford is enjoying life as a retired model. The photo here reveals she still looks great in her 50s — and we’re all wondering what her secrets are for graceful aging. And even more interesting are her daughter’s supermodel looks. She’s only in her teens, but Kaia looks just like Cindy and is dominating the runway already.

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4. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham collage.

Left: Ashley Graham striking a hot pose on the beach. | Sports Illustrated, Right: Ashley Graham looking casual and chic. | Ashley Graham via Instagram

She looks different than many other supermodels in Sports Illustrated — and that’s exactly why the public loves her. Ashley Graham has shown off her curves in a few SI swimsuit shoots now, and she looks more gorgeous than ever. The model also clearly adores fashion, as the majority of her social media photos are from modeling shoots.

This photo shows Ashley in a casual, everyday look, which is how we imagine she really leaves the house on a daily basis.

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5. Sailor Brinkley Cook

Sailor Brinkley-Cook collage.

Left: Sailor Brinkley-Cook’s Sports Illustrated shoot. | Sports Illustrated, Right: The gorgeous model with her legendary model mother. | Andrew Toth/Getty Images

It was in the late ’70s when Christie Brinkley dominated the swimsuit covers of Sports Illustrated. And now, it’s Christie’s daughter, Sailor, who’s making waves. Sailor posed nude for the infamous SI “In Her Own Words” shoot at just 19 years old, and it caused quite a stir.

From the SI photos to the candids taken of the young Brinkley, we can’t help but notice just how much she looks like her mother. This will certainly help her in her career going forward.

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6. Hannah Jeter

Hannah Jeter collage.

Left: Hannah Jeter’s sexy photoshoot. | Sports Illustrated, Right: The model is a natural beauty. | Hannah Jeter via Instagram

Hannah Jeter, formerly known as Hannah Davis, is known for having one of the most provocative Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers ever. Business Insider reports many considered the cover to be too revealing, with some going as far as calling it “pornographic.”

While Hannah is commonly associated with her sexy photo shoots, she goes makeup-less from time to time, as seen on Instagram. Here’s a photo of her looking as natural — and gorgeous — as ever.

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7. Hunter McGrady

Hunter McGrady collage.

Left: Hunter McGrady flaunting her curves. | Hunter McGrady via Instagram, Right: The model relaxes in style. | Hunter McGrady via Instagram

Ashley Graham isn’t the only plus-sized model to grace Sports Illustrated. Hunter McGrady rocks swimwear as a 2018 “rookie” for the magazine, and she looks confident and incredible.

When she’s not busy modeling, it’s clear Hunter knows how to relax too, judging from her Instagram photo. Here, she’s hanging out in a sweatshirt while wearing barely any makeup. We love that she’s not afraid to rock a natural look, even on social media.

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8. Cheryl Tiegs

Cheryl Tiegs collage.

Left: Cheryl Tiegs in her supermodel days. | Sports Illustrated, Right: Cheryl Tiegs looks amazing today. | Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Cheryl Tiegs will forever be known as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in the white fishnet suit. Forbes notes she’s also often considered to be America’s first supermodel, landing shoots in highly-coveted fashion magazines like Glamour and Vogue.

Today, Cheryl’s going strong in her 70s — and despite her age, she still looks great. Perhaps not as youthful as many remember, she still has the same signature smile and thin physique.

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9. Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal collage.

Left: Nina Agdal striking a sexy pose. | Sports Illustrated, Right: Nina enjoying a day off. | Nina Agdal via Instagram

She’s one of the most recognizable Sports Illustrated swimsuit models thanks to her unique features. But Nina Agdal actually stepped away from the spotlight for a year after feeling the pressure to be ultra thin from one particular creative team. Now, she’s speaking out about the injustice while still recording her daily life on social media.

Judging from what Nina shares online, she’s not scared to show her true self, with or without makeup. Here, she’s barely recognizable in a messy bun and sweatshirt.

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10. Kate Bock

Kate Bock collage.

Left: Kate Bock channeling her inner goddess. | Sports Illustrated, Right: Kate Bock traveling in a stylish outfit. | Kate Bock via Instagram

She may not be the most familiar name on the list, but Kate Bock is making a name for herself in the Sports Illustrated 2018 issue. Previously, she was named Rookie of the Year for the magazine back in 2013, so this certainly isn’t her first appearance. And her strong cheekbones and long blonde hair have been turning heads for years.

Contrary to her provocative modeling pics, Kate’s Instagram shows her traveling with no makeup on and lounging around with her NBA-star boyfriend. Maybe she’s more like us than we originally thought.

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11. Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker collage.

Left: Brooklyn Decker enjoying a lovely photoshoot. | Sports Illustrated, Right: Brooklyn Decker living life as a mom. | via Instagram

She was a high school cheerleader-turned-Sports Illustrated model, and for years, we couldn’t look away. Brooklyn Decker moved to New York City in hopes of pursuing modeling, and thanks to the magazine, she got her wish. And it wasn’t long until tennis star Andy Roddick wooed and married the model, too.

Now, Brooklyn gets totally candid on Instagram with her two children. Her makeup-less selfie looks totally different than how we remember her from her SI days.

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12. Danielle Herrington

Danielle Herrington collage.

Left: Danielle Herrington’s Sports Illustrated cover | Danielle Herrington via Instagram, Right: Danielle Herrington enjoying a holiday. | Danielle Herrington via Instagram

She’s one of the few black women to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, so Danielle Herrington is already making a name for herself. This supermodel is a relative newbie to the modeling world, as her career started in 2017. Now, the once-shy young woman can’t get enough of being in front of the camera.

Danielle still has plenty of photos showing her in her everyday life on Instagram. Here, she’s hanging out at her grandmother’s house with her hair in a messy bun.

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13. Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks collage.

Left: Tyra Banks’ iconic cover. | Sports Illustrated, Right: Tyra smizing in a gorgeous selfie. | Tyra Banks via Instagram

It was 1997 when Tyra Banks made history. She’s noted as the first black woman to ever make the cover of Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, and now, young models like Danielle Herrington are following in her footsteps. Though the former model’s in her mid-40s now, she still looks amazing, with or without makeup.

Here, Tyra’s ready for bed in a bathrobe and makeup-less face. Though the days of her sporting swimsuits on the cover of SI are well behind her, her bright eyes and blonde locks give her a youthful glow.

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14. Elle Macpherson

Ella Macpherson collage.

Left: Ella Macpherson looking hot. | Sports Illustrated, Right: The famous model enjoying a cozy day with her children. | Ella Macpherson via Instagram

She was once one of the great Sports Illustrated swimsuit models that everybody knew. Elle Macpherson’s career with SI took off in 1985 when her photos were first seen in an issue. After that, she was on a record number of five covers for the magazine.

Back in 2013, Elle posed at 49 years old for a swimsuit shoot — and she looked incredible doing it. But in her everyday life, she’s often seen hanging out with her kids at home in no makeup at all.

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15. Marisa Miller

Marisa Miller collage.

Left: Marisa Miller’s bright smile and gorgeous blonde locks. | Sports Illustrated, Right: Marisa spending time with her children. | Marisa Miller via Instagram

Known as one of the sexiest women in the world when she was in her modeling prime, Marisa Miller’s blonde hair and classic looks catapulted her to fame. Now, the former Victoria’s Secret Angel and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model has two kids and embraces a more domestic lifestyle. But she still does it all in style.

You’d never believe Marisa was 38 years old in this photo thanks to her youthful style and toned figure. As evidenced by her social media, she enjoys going on outdoor outings with her kids.

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