How Kate Middleton Stays in Shape During Her Pregnancy, Revealed

It’s perfectly normal for a woman to gain some extra weight when she’s pregnant. Unless, of course, you’re Kate Middleton. The royal is partway through her third pregnancy, but she doesn’t appear to have let herself go. Like with her past two pregnancies, the Duchess of Cambridge maintains her healthy figure — and then has no trouble dropping the weight post-pregnancy. How exactly does she do it? We take a look at how this royal stays in shape while she’s expecting.

It starts with pre-pregnancy fitness …

Prince William and Kate Middleton Helicopter

Middleton must have it figured out when it comes to keeping off the baby weight. | Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images

Fitness experts agree that the duchess’s active lifestyle is what has helped her stay in good shape during her first two pregnancies. Perhaps it’s no surprise that she’s following the same trend the third go-round. explains that exercise helps an expecting mother’s body grow a healthy baby, while also keeping the mom-to-be in tip-top shape.

… which then turns into pre-natal yoga

Young pregnant women doing yoga exercise in gym

Middleton is a fan of pre-natal yoga. | Shironosov/iStock/Getty Images

Of course, Kate’s rigorous workout regimen has to be pared back when she has a bun in the oven. But she isn’t sitting around not doing anything! Instead, she turns to pre-natal yoga. Hello! Magazine said in 2013 that the duchess hired a personal trainer to help teach her the yoga techniques and stretches when she was expecting her first child, Prince George.

Eating lots of avocados …

Sliced avocado

Load up on the avocados. | MSPhotographic/iStock/Getty Images

Through all three of her first trimesters, Kate experienced¬†hyperemesis gravidarum — a condition involving severe morning sickness that leaves the body nauseous and dehydrated. To keep weight on to keep the baby healthy, Kate’s had to turn to foods that are healthy but won’t upset her stomach. This included hearty foods like oatmeal, and good fats like avocados.

… and munching on cookies?

Ginger cookies

Who knew ginger cookies could be so helpful with morning sickness? |

If there is a food that helps this royal fight off morning queasiness, it’s “ginger biscuits.” At least, that’s what her husband Prince William says. The future King of England told Food & Wine that his wife munches on ginger cookies to ease her sickness, although it isn’t exactly a cure all. Luckily, the mom-to-be hasn’t experienced the severe sickness throughout the entirety of any of her pregnancies. So maybe those ginger treats really are the ticket!

Taking leisurely walks with Lupo …

Royal Family

The dog will still get his walk. | Michael Middleton – WPA Pool/Getty Images

The duchess is an avid runner. Unfortunately, it’s hard keeping up such a strenuous cardio regimen while pregnant. So Kate traded running in for casual strolls with the family canine. Cameras have caught Kate and the lovely Lupo on many walks together, like in London’s Hyde Park when she was carrying Princes Charlotte.

… but also getting plenty of rest

Kate Middleton

Great sleep will still be a priority. | Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

Even with all the activities this mom-to-be has lined up, combating hyperemesis gravidarum is seriously exhausting. (It put her in the hospital when she was pregnant with Prince George!) The best remedy is to take cues from the body and rest when necessary. After being on bed rest at the start of her third pregnancy, Kate was able to bounce back and get back to making public appearances.

Trading in coffee for tea

Woman holding tea and cookies

More tea is definitely in her future. | Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Keeping a growing baby healthy means cutting certain things out of the diet. For Kate, that means cutting out her favorite Starbucks drink. reported in 2013 that she cut out her go-to coffee fix in exchange for tea while pregnant with Princess Charlotte.

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