The Truth Behind How Long John McCain Was Actually Expected to Live With Brain Cancer

John McCain was at the center of politics in 2008 when he ran as the Republican presidential candidate against Obama. And with Trump’s many controversial policies, the spotlight comes back to McCain’s opposition from time to time. Since July 2018, however, reporters focused on McCain for a different reason: his cancer diagnosis.

McCain died from his rare and deadly form of brain cancer on August 25, 2018. Here are the details regarding his final days, and if he lived as long as he was expected to with his prognosis (page 5).

1. McCain had glioblastoma, a very rare cancer

US Senator John McCain looks on during a meeting.

He was diagnosed in July 2017. | Wakil Kohsar/AFP/Getty Images

McCain publicly announced his diagnosis in July 2017, and his hospitalization in December caused quite a stir amongst the media, AARP notes. The senator had glioblastoma, which is a particularly aggressive form of cancer that makes up about 15% of all brain tumors.

While other cancers will spread, glioblastoma doesn’t. It instead stays in the brain and deteriorates it, which can cause personality changes, seizures, and diminished mental capacity. Shockingly enough, this type of cancer is also on the rise and is more common in men over age 50.

Next: McCain stopped treatment shortly before his death.

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