How Olympic Gold Medalist Lindsey Vonn Trained For Pyeongchang

It’s been eight years since gold medalist Lindsey Vonn competed at the Olympics. She has returned to the 2018 Winter Olympics ready to medal again — but not without her hardcore training regimen.

Since recovering from the injury that kept her out of the 2014 games, she focuses much of her “warm-up” on keeping her glutes and legs strong. But working her full body before she trains outdoors is just as important in helping her prepare for February’s events. Here’s what she’s been up to at the gym.

The ‘Mission Impossible’ workout

Yes, this workout gets its name from the movie. | Paramount Pictures

One of the hardest elements to add into your workout routine isn’t a more intense exercise or an extra lifting session — it’s making your time at the gym more enjoyable. Looking for a fun workout to try? Just get horizontal, in the air, suspended from the ceiling by ropes. What could possibly go wrong?

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Airborne medicine balls

Two women with medicine balls

How far can you throw a medicine ball? |

A medicine ball can weigh up to 25 pounds, which wouldn’t be a huge deal if Vonn were simply carrying them around the gym. She takes things to the extreme — as a gold medalist will do — and throws them upward into the air to maintain her strength. You probably shouldn’t try that at home.

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Wrecking ball sit-ups

Fitness woman doing sit ups

Are these the hardestĀ sit-ups in the world. |

If you really want to tone your core — and hips, lower back, and butt — try doing a few sets of sit-ups. Not just any sit-ups — Lindsey Vonn-level sit-ups. If you don’t have a wrecking ball handy, you can probably just stay on the floor.

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Skipping drills

one mixed races woman exercsing Medicine Ball fitness exercices isolated on blue blackground

This is hard enough. Now can you do this while skipping? |

Skiing requires a lot of power, strength, and endurance, which is why athletes use these drills as part of their warm-up training. Skipping mainly functions as a lower-body workout, but if you carry a medicine ball above your head while you’re doing it, all your muscles will show up for the event.

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Circuit training

Lindsey Vonn works hard to keep in Olympic shape. | Alain Grosclaude/Agence Zoom/Getty Images

A circuit training session can involve a collection of exercises to train multiple muscle groups or a combination of strength and aerobic moves depending on a person’s goals. It encourages you to focus on different parts of your body without spending too much time on one particular exercise.

Olympic athletes like Lindsey Vonn perform these workouts in preparation for practicing their specific sport to reduce injury risk.

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one woman praticing Long Jump

Jumping is great for your muscles. |

Jumping exercises are a form of plyometric exercise, which athletes use to strengthen different muscles simultaneously.

These explosive movements tone multiple muscle groups and increase your power. Their high intensity, however, makes them a little too risky for beginners. Work your way up to these exercises slowly and carefully.

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Resistance band exercises

Woman exercises with resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great way to build muscle. | Bock

Exercising with resistance bands makes things a little tougher — and that’s a good thing. Resistance trainingĀ helps you build muscle, which is essential when you’re speeding down a hill and responsible for both supporting and skillfully maneuvering your own weight.

Anyone from beginner to Olympian can train with resistance bands. Just make sure to choose the moves and intensity that align with your fitness level before you give them a try.

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