How Reclaiming Your Curiousity Can Make You a Better Man

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The greatest men in the world have had enormous respect for children. From Jesus and Gandhi to Henry David Thoreau, the inherent wisdom of children has been cherished by truth-seekers the world over. But what do we have to learn from children? And how can adopting the mind of a child make you a better man? Follow me for a series of articles to find out.

This is the second part of the Mind of a Child series, which details how to live an authentic, purposeful life. Click here for the first part.

Question everything

So often moms and dads will pass on fun things because they simply don’t have the energy. It’s accepted as normal that you lose your energy as you age. You can only have so much energy, right? Kids have astonishing and replenishing reserves of energy because it is required to fuel their growth. They generate curiosity through earnest questions.

Curiosity and greatness

As we get older, we often succumb to the fantasy that we’ve learned enough. Our inquisitiveness fades, and we find our creative energy vanishing. We often blame time for this theft, but really it involves our lifestyles. When adults create a natural lifestyle of insatiable curiosity, the resulting magic is something to behold.

Kids who don’t succumb to the harsh perspectives of adulthood make the most fascinating and meaningful innovations. Thomas Edison, Da Vinci, Benjamin Franklin, and many other curious people are remembered for their inexhaustible energy reserves. What separates the truly great men from the rest is the habit of curiosity. They don’t give up on an idea and they’re never content with what they know. Amazing, inspirational men and women are only kids who have adopted greater responsibility to see their questions through to success.

How to reclaim curiosity and the spark of life

The old saying goes that there is no such thing as a stupid question, and that is because questions are the only things that separate us from truth. No question is too small to be unworthy, and no fact is too grand to be left unquestioned. If you want to reclaim the genius of your “child self,” get into the habit of questioning everything.

Get your energy back by asking questions every day. “Why is this done this way?” “Why am I doing this” “Is this right?” “Is this the best I can do?” “Is there something more to this?” Without real questioning there is no adventure or growth; they are the keys to truth, virtue, and growth. It is possible to stay young forever if you question earnestly until the day you die.

Stay tuned for the last installment of this series, which explores how having dreams and role models are critical to being the best man you can be.

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