How to Become More Confident

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Ever wonder why certain guys are able to approach any woman they want, or dial up the intensity when others back off? Confidence is such a defining trait of masculinity that we tend to envy those who have mastered it. But there is no genetic recipe to create a confident man, nor is there a cookie cutter approach to make one. Confidence manifests in different ways for each guy depending on his primary interests. But even if every man living were maxed out in confidence, we wouldn’t have masses of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsons or Tony Robbins, because every man is different. You would, however, see more happy guys (and girls), more phone numbers willfully exchanged, and more every day guys kicking ass, loving what they do, and expanding their limits.

If you want to boost your confidence, try these two approaches.

1. Roll out of bed and scream, “Bring it!”

That heading was just a cheeky way of alluding to the importance of your thoughts. If you’re used to being stepped on and pushed over, bringing it is certainly not your first waking thoughts. But each day is a fresh start, and your first thoughts are the foundation for whatever version of you that you want to build.

If you make a habit of rolling out of bed to the closest mirror and pumping yourself up with confident thoughts, you are guaranteed to experience a surge of confidence. As Aristotle once said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

The same applies for confidence, and if you want to build it, you have to make it a routine. Confidence is much more than a feeling you wish would come, but an action that you commit to every day. You can get the girl, you can get the promotion, you are capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to, and you rule. It may seem strange when you first start, but approach the mirror like you just killed a bear with your bare hands. Then try to burn a hole in your forehead with your gaze. Then get crazy and start listing off all the improbable things you could possibly do, building up the feeling of confidence in your mind. Then tell yourself the things you can accomplish today without any shadow of doubt.

Confidence is simply believing in yourself, and believing in yourself is a discipline that you can refine each morning. Once you win the battle of the morning, you can work on building confidence all throughout the rest of your day by taking more risks and dusting yourself off when you fall. Accomplishing anything will boost your confidence by a mile, especially if it’s hands-on. Start changing your own oil, and fixing your car to the extent you can. Offer your talents and time freely whenever you can to help others, and to further your goals.

If you need help with your routine, please refer to this astonishing and jarring speech delivered by Shia LaBeouf. Note the hilarious and intense gazes and movements, and translate that to your morning speech. If you dare.

2. Get your T on (external)

Testosterone (T) is one of the biggest factors of whether you feel confident or not. You know those gorilla-man types at the gym with hair on their hair? Those guys look like they think they could benchpress a Hummer; sometimes their air of confidence can be overwhelming. These guys have tons of circulating testosterone that fuels their muscle development, and they get much of the T from many of the intense anabolic exercises they do. Check out these testimonials of guys who have boosted their testosterone—the increase in confidence is startling.

If you want to increase your testosterone naturally, try these awesome workouts that are proven T-boosters. Also, consider purchasing this program from one of the most respected authorities on natural testosterone production, Christopher Walker.

If you have neither time nor mind for the natural remedies, synthetic testosterone shots have proven to be effective in remedying all problems associated with low testosterone. You don’t have to have the hulk-physique of the big guys at the gym, but every guy should be happy with his muscle development and ability to get a pump. Developing physical prowess is one of the easiest ways to gain confidence in every step. It feels good to feel like a man, and to work hard to feel like one. Women will notice, too.

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