How to Get Ripped Muscles Without Going to the Gym

Do you want to be a stunner this summer? Now is the time to get those muscles working. The good news is you don’t even have to spend hours in the gym to get ripped. You can get a quality workout right in your own living room. This Cheat Sheet video will show you how (just make sure you run these exercises past your doctor first; we don’t want you to get hurt). So put on your workout gear and get ready to get jacked. Before you know it, everyone you meet will be overcome with an overwhelming urge to touch your muscles.


1. pushups

Do all your shirts look like they’re still on the hanger — even when you’re wearing them? Then it’s time to add some exercises that can help pump up your arms and chest. If your upper body is skinny and undefined, you can build some definition by adding pushups to your workout regimen. You can do pushups almost anywhere in your home. Avoid injury by using proper form. Make sure not to pull yourself up with your stomach or the lower half of your body. Also make sure to keep your body straight when you pull up.

“Body weight should be lifted from your arms, and don’t use your butt or stomach or the lower half of your body to pull you up…[there should be] no swaying of the hips as you go up and down,” personal trainer Jonathan Ross told WebMD.

2. dumbbell curls

If you’ve been covering up your arms because they’re not as muscular as you like, throw dumbbell bicep curls into the mix. With some discipline and healthy eating, you can look good in a tank top. If you have any problems with your lower back or elbows, you you’ll need to be very careful when doing this exercise. If you decide to do this move standing up, ensure proper form by making sure your abdominals are pulled in, your posture is upright, and your knees are kept slightly bent.

3. balance pulls

Defined abs are yours for the asking when you perfect the balance pull. This exercise can help improve your upper body strength as well as your balance and core strength.

4. pullups

Pullups help strengthen the muscles in your body that assist with pulling (your back, bicep, and forearm muscles). Before attempting pullups, make sure you’re using a bar that will properly support your weight. Otherwise, you could end up on the floor (don’t say we didn’t warn you). During this exercise keep your abdominals tight and your body properly aligned.

5. overhead dumbbell press

Continue your upper-body workout with the overhead dumbbell press. If your shoulder strength has been lacking, this one is for you. The overhead dumbbell press can help increase the strength in your entire shoulder region.

6. crunches

Blast away your flabby gut with crunches. One alternative to doing crunches on the floor is to use a fitness ball. Remember to pull your abdominals inward as you lift. Bend your knees and firmly plant your feet on the floor. Your feet should be hip-width apart.

7. squat thrustersBlast thigh jiggle with squat thrusters. Make sure that your core stays engaged throughout this exercise. You can use an exercise ball or dumbbells to increase the difficulty.

8. warrior 3

Yoga is also simple to do at home. One move to try is the warrior 3 pose. Do not allow your torso to swing forward when practicing this pose. This could cause your body weight to shift onto the ball of your foot and make you lose your balance.

9. sun salutation

Finish up your workout with sun salutations. This is a great way to end your workout, as it stretches out the major muscle groups in your body.

So there’s our super simple home workout. Now stand in the mirror and see how good you look. Go ahead and blow yourself a kiss; we won’t tell.

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