How to Live an Inspired Life

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Inspiration is more of a practice than a feeling. Inspiration is the state you achieve when you do exactly what you want to do most; it is decided by how frequently you pursue your passions and how well you plan for them. Inspiration is a way of life that transcends feeling, but the feeling serves to inform you of your greatest accomplishments waiting just around the corner.

When people view inspiration as a mythical and elusive character forever beyond their grasp, they admire the inspired lives of others and wish they had as much luck. But the truth is that inspiration is born from dedication and hard work. The more you focus on doing what you love, the more sensitive you will be to creative opportunities when they present themselves. In truth, creative opportunities surround us ubiquitously; they are only limited by your determination to be inspired.

If you make inspired living a habit, your eyes will perceive the opportunities to create where others would see nothing. Follow this series of articles to learn more about inspiration and how you can create a lifestyle that supports inspired living.

The nature of inspiration

Inspiration is the gateway to creativity. The treasures of creation are limited to those who make the necessary sacrifices to experience its glory; creation is a privilege. Inspired living is the practice of making sacrifices for the things you love in order to create.

When uninspired people say, “I don’t have the time,” inspired people say, “While others are laughing it up and watching TV, I’m pouring blood sweat and tears into the thing that I love most.” In this life, the greater privilege, the greater the responsibility required to uphold it.

The greatest inspired thinkers and creators of human history have also been the most devoted to their crafts; they made huge sacrifices to balance out the privilege of their creation with responsibility. People who didn’t understand the necessity of sacrifice for inspiration thought Niccolo Paganini, the greatest violinist to ever live, had made a deal with the devil to purchase his skill. History revealed that Paganini practiced for 10 hours a day. Where novices can scarcely imagine thirty minutes for their instrument, the best sacrifice entire days for their craft, and they are rewarded with the infinity of creation through inspired living.

The gateway to creation is held open by nothing more than your focus and hard work. Those who have made the most sacrifices to live inspired lives almost seem like magicians to those who don’t know better; they pull gold from thin air and are constantly in creative mode. It baffles most of us because we have not been trained to create; we have been trained to regurgitate.

Uniformity kills inspiration

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Source: iStock

We are instructed our entire lives to listen to what authority figures tell us, to read and recite what they want us to, and to achieve the goals of their design. The idea of creativity is abandoned for uniformity, and it is no coincidence that the structures of our society thrive on uniformity. Creation is the infinite, and the infinite cannot be contained by anyone or anything.

If you want to live an inspired life and unlock the creative muse within, you must unlearn what you have learned. You are an expression of the infinite that, despite similarities, is completely distinct from any other aspect of creation.

You have no formula for success except that which is written in your heart, and even that can only be seen one piece at a time. Real success can only be purchased through the sacrifices you make to live an inspired life. People can find bits of success in working for others and playing the game, but they will always long for something deeper. That deeper something lies in the infinite waters of creation, which are accessed through inspired living.

Check out the next installment of this series to learn how to break through to inspiration.

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