How to Maintain Your Diet During the Holidays

So you’ve gone a little overboard on the sweets and junk for the last few weeks. With the holiday season in full swing, it may look like there is no light at the end of the food coma tunnel.

Sure, a few days of bad eating and over indulging won’t hurt you, especially if you still continue to hit the gym on a regular basis. But, as the season gets colder, and the portions get bigger, there are some ways that you can get your diet on track.

Believe us, it’s way easier to follow a few of these quick tips than to once again be making your New Year’s resolution to drop the 15 pounds that you put on since October. So don’t put your favorite “skinny” pants away for the season just yet. Follow these three tips to get your diet back on track and maintain your workout regime throughout the holiday season, so that you won’t have to play catch up when spring finally arrives.

1. Meal prep

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One way to avoid over eating or eating unhealthy food that might be fast and convenient is meal prepping. According to one study published in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine spending time on preparing and cooking meals at home is linked with better dietary habits.

Take your lazy Sunday afternoon to meal prep for the week. It is super easy to grill up chilled in bulk, with a healthy grain like quinoa and a seasonal vegetable. Portion them into containers, and you have a perfect meal ready whenever you are hungry.

If you get sick of having the same thing everyday, switch it by making healthy chicken tacos or lettuce wraps, and use the food you already made to create something new and exciting. Another great thing to remember is to always have fruit and other healthy snacks on hand. This way, instead of snacking you can reach for an apple or what ever kind of fruit you like.

2. Don’t go more than two days without going to the gym

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Unfortunately, it’s hard to make habits, and it’s pretty easy to break them. Although according to Greatist, “Generally speaking, if you’ve been working out several times a week for more than a year, your muscle memory is solid.” Meaning you can go a week or more without working out.

However, according to My Body Tutor, in order to best maintain your fitness routine throughout the holiday season, the best rule to live by is never go more than two days without a workout. We know that you, just like everyone else may skip a workout here or there, but by telling yourself you will never go more than two days without working out, you are creating a steady routine in your mind which will help set you up for success.

3. Never go to a holiday party starving

According to Whole Foods, holiday parties should have similar protocols as going to the food store, never go when your stomach is empty! Holiday parties are guaranteed to have all different unhealthy appetizers that if you are hungry, you will be sure to snack on, and snack on until you can’t even remember exactly what finger food was your favorite.

Another suggestion of Whole Foods, “At the party, start with the veggie and fruit platters, sideline the dips, dressings and spreads.” Not only will this rule help you avoid any unnecessary fatty spreads, but it will also keep you feel great for the whole party, leave room for the main course, and allow you to savor your food, not stuff your face.

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