How to Make a Woman Fall in Love With You

Have you met that special someone who makes your heart flutter like a butterfly? Are you hoping that one day she’ll feel as strongly about you as you do about her? If you want the lady in your life to stick around for a while, there’s hope. The Cheat Sheet is here to help. Just follow these steps and she’ll be yours in no time.

1 plan a romantic dateTake time to plan a romantic date. If you’ll be outdoors, check the weather beforehand and bring an extra sweater or blanket for your date. You’ll gain major points for anticipating her needs. Remember that your date doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as you put thought into your outing, it will be sure to warm her heart.

2 make her feel specialEvery woman likes to feel special. Do little things to let her know that you only have eyes for her. When you focus your energy and attention on her, through gestures such as eye contact and being fully present in the moment, you’ll be sure to have her coming back for more.


3 show her your fun side

Relax and have fun. When you’re tense, you make those around you tense too. However, when you loosen up, you’ll make your date feel more comfortable. And when you’re comfortable, you’ll both be more likely to share your deepest thoughts. 

4 maintain eye contactEveryone is passionate about something. Discovering someone’s passion is the key to unlocking his or her hidden personality. A discussion about passions will likely get your date to relax and let her guard down a bit. You’ll be able to get a glimpse into what makes her tick. And sharing your hopes and dreams for the future will help you form a closer connection and gradually build intimacy.

Don’t forget to maintain eye contact. Focusing your peepers on her face will make her feel like you care about what she has to say.


5 smileYou don’t have to be serious all the time. Smiling is another way to help her feel comfortable and will give her a clear signal that you’re into her and want to see her more often.

6 a little touchDon’t be afraid to confirm your interest through some light touching — it can be a powerful means of nonverbal communication. Holding hands or placing a hand on the shoulder, arm, or leg are great ways to demonstrate how much you enjoy her presence. Just remember to take the hint if she displays any discomfort.


7 use cologne

Make sure to take time to smell nice. Cologne may help, just don’t overdo it. If your date happens to be particularly sensitive to scents, there are other ways to smell great without using cologne. You can stay fresh all day by choosing the right deodorant, wearing clean clothes, and giving your scalp a good scrub when you shower.

8 give little giftsWho doesn’t like getting gifts? Show her that you are thinking about her by bringing a small token of your affection. Every time she sees your gift, she will think of you.


9 make her laughlittle laughter will help lighten the mood. So go ahead and do your best stand-up routine. It may even cause her to feel closer to you.

She’ll fall in love before you know it. You’re welcome.

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