How to Tell if Someone’s Hiding Something in Their Dating Profile

Online dating can be a challenge. There are profiles to fill out, photos to load, and bios to write. The results can be disappointing at times, but at some point, you just might find your match. Another thing that often adds to the stress of online dating is the fact that some online daters attempt to hide critical information. They could be hiding a marriage, their height, or some part of their physical features.

So, how do you know if a dating profile is riddled with lies and exaggerations? Sports Illustrated swimsuit models Lais Ribeiro and Robin Holzken chatted with The Cheat Sheet about turn-offs and turn-ons when it comes to finding love online.

Here’s what they told us about how to tell if someone is hiding something in his or her dating profile.

Cropped photos

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Cropped photos are a big no-no when it comes to your dating profile. | AntonioGuillem/iStock/Getty Images

Be leery of profiles that contain cropped photos. Who or what is he or she trying to hide? A person who is serious about finding love online would likely pay careful attention to the photos being posted online. So, if you see a photo that looks like someone was cropped out, you might want to pass.

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Lais Ribeiro told The Cheat Sheet a cropped photo would definitely cause her to hesitate. “When their photo is way too cropped…like, who else is in there?” asked Ribeiro.

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Poor picture quality

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Your dating profile has to catch the attention of that special person. | Monkeybusinessimages/iStock/Getty Images

Grainy pictures are not only annoying but also hide physical features. This could be an attempt to draw attention away from things like subpar grooming or lack of fitness. Both Ribeiro and Holzken agree proper grooming is a must when it comes to the dating scene. An unkempt appearance could be the kiss of death. “You only have one opportunity to make a first impression and put your best face forward. I have a boyfriend, but if I had a dating profile I’d look for someone who looks like they take the time to groom …” said Ribeiro.

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No picture

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Your less likely to get a response if you don’t have a profile photo. | Loveischiangrai/iStock/Getty Images

Most people have access to technology that allows them to take a photo. If you don’t see any pictures in a profile, this should give you pause. Holzken said the first thing that attracts her to an online dating profile is the picture.  “I would choose based on which pictures they have – nothing too weird or rude. Also, show a picture of yourself!  I hate when guys use group shots – it’s hard to know who is who.

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Hesitance to meet in person

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A major red flag to watch out for. | M-gucc/iStock/Getty Images

You might get to a point where you meet someone you like, but you can’t seem to get them to commit to an in-person meeting. Dates might be frequently cancelled, or your potential love just keeps stalling whenever you ask about rescheduling. This is often a sign that something in the dating profile doesn’t match reality.

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No bio

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An incomplete profile will not attract many people. |

If you’re serious about finding love, you’re likely going to take time to include an engaging description of yourself and your interests. It’s not a good sign if someone skips over the bio. If there is a bio, it should have some personality to it. A lifeless description listing your hobbies and pets just won’t cut it. Said Holzken:

I think you can see a lot from the pictures that someone uses. Some people only have pictures to show off and no information or bio – that’s a no-go! That makes me think you have something negative to hide. Another thing that really catches my attention is when they have a funny bio.

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Questionable photos

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Your dating profile photos should be relatable and wholesome. | Shironosov/Getty Images

A clear picture is great, but if the photo is of your potential date doing questionable things, this is a red flag. Most people attempt to put their best foot forward. If his or her best foot is portrayed with photos of getting drunk at the bar or illicit drug use, you should keep it moving. Said Ribeiro:

Definitely what helps catch my eye [when helping my friends with online dating] are really great pictures that show your personality – they can’t all be drinking with your buddies, and definitely no pictures that make me question if that’s your ex-girlfriend. The “about” section should also include height because I’m a tall girl.

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Blatant lies

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If they lied about one thing, whose to say they haven’t lied about more? | Bokan76/iStockGetty Images

When you finally meet in person, you might discover he or she lied about a few things listed in the profile. For example, your date might be taller or shorter than expected or look completely different. Ribeiro said a situation like this would make her quite upset. “That’s the first impression you give someone, and you go in thinking one thing and then find out another? Not cool,” said Ribeiro.

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Their best online dating tip

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A healthy, happy relationship starts with honesty. | Ivanko_Brnjakovic/iStock/Getty Images

When we asked the models for their best tips, they said honesty is the best policy when it comes to online dating. Ribeiro says she isn’t a fan of catfishing.Be honest! No catfishing. The truth will eventually come out when you meet, and no good relationship starts with lies,” said Ribeiro.

Holzken adds that it’s also important to be confident. “Be confident. Everything else will follow!” she said.

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How Lais and Robin are helping online daters look their best

Lais and Robin collage.

Left: Lais Ribeiro knows how to take a great selfie. | Lais Ribeiro via Instagram , Right: Robin Holzken is a pro at looking good online. | Robin Holzken via Instagram

Ribeiro and Holzken are serious about making sure others are picture perfect for the adventure that is online dating. The supermodels recently partnered with Edge in an effort to put out the message that if you want to get ahead in the dating game, you have to take care of yourself. Said Lais:

It’s tough to be in the dating scene. So, Edge wants to help guys get ahead with dating and grooming advice. For the launch of the new Edge 2-in-1 Shave Cream, Robin Holzken and I teamed up to offer exclusive advice and are featured in a fun spread in the 2018 Swimsuit issue.

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