Human Barbie Reveals What She Looked Like Before $500,000 of Plastic Surgery

Nannette Hammond is far from the only person on the planet to go overboard with plastic surgery. But it’s still a shock to look at the mother of five from Ohio, who the Daily Mail reports spent around $500,000 to make herself look like a Barbie doll. Where exactly did all that money go? Here’s a look at how Hammond’s appearance has changed. (Hint: It’s more than just the 28H boob job.)

Daily tanning salon visits

The human barbie in a bikini

The human Barbie | Nannette Hammond via Instagram

Early photos of Hammond show that she has the ability to tan naturally. But take a gander at her Instagram, and you will notice that she maintains a permanent deep shade of bronze. This is because she reportedly lays in her at-home tanning bed daily, on top of splurging a couple grand monthly on spray tans.

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