The Incredibly Nerdy Reason Billionaire Warren Buffett Eats Like a Little Kid

Billionaire Warren Buffett doesn’t eat like an 87-year-old man. Instead, he follows a diet loaded with fried potatoes, red meat, and sugar. He has a palette resembling every french fry-obsessed 6-year-old in the United States — and he knows it.

Here’s what one of the richest men in the world eats from day to day, why he’s still kicking despite his favorite foods, and whether you should follow in his dietary footsteps.

What does Warren Buffett eat?

Warren Buffet speaks while holding his hands up.

Here’s what’s on his plate each day. | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

McDonald’s breakfast biscuits. Fried hash browns. Cheeseburgers. Some of America’s best known fast food delicacies — and the most infamous, depending on whom you ask — are also Warren Buffett’s go-to options. If meat isn’t involved, he’s probably not interested — unless it’s time for dessert.

Bottles of regular and Cherry Coke are also a daily staple whether he’s out or at home. A large root beer float also often makes its way onto his personal dessert menu, along with See’s peanut brittle.

Buffett eats cheap — but is it worth the cost?

Warren Buffet holding a thick milkshake upside down.

He doesn’t eat a lot of gourmet food. | Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images

He’s worth billions, but he rarely opts for a breakfast entree you can’t get for less than $4. Cheap cuisine isn’t always unhealthy. From what we know about Buffett’s diet, though, it’s safe to guess he’s among the country’s worst eaters.

He seems to be in good health now, but poor eating habits can do unnoticeable and irreversible harm. The world’s deadliest silent killers¬†show few to no symptoms and are therefore often fatal.

The problem with Coca-Cola

Cans of Coca-Cola in a row.

He’s a huge fan of this popular soda brand. | Scott Olson/Getty Images

Buffett drinks a lot of Coke, but that’s only one way he shows support for the company. He also owns 9% of the company and doesn’t think there’s any harm in drinking it regularly. Scientists, however, believe Americans’ taste for sugar-sweetened beverages might be to blame for high rates of chronic disease.

Some research has even found drinking just one fewer soda every week can help you lose weight and significantly decrease your disease risk.

Why do people eat junk, even though it’s bad for them?

Junk food consisting of fries, onion rings, and soda.

Why are we so quick to reach for junk food? |

Ask a dozen people why they don’t eat healthier, and you’ll get a dozen different answers. Most people already know how to eat healthy, but don’t. Whether it’s a matter of convenience, comfort, cost, or something else, it’s common to choose short-term satisfaction over long-term consequences.

Everyone has their reasons for eating what they want, when they want. Buffett’s are a little nerdy — and maybe slightly misguided — but he does make a case for himself, in his own way.

Why does Buffett follow a ‘junk food diet’?

Warren Buffet speaking during an interview.

He has some surprising eating habits. | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Though his diet likely isn’t unusual by typical American standards, his reason for eating this way is.

Buffett claims he once read that 6-year-olds have the lowest death rates among the population as a whole. Based on this observation, he told Fortune that it’s “the safest course [he] can take,” believing eating the “typical” diet of an average 6-year-old might preserve his life. Is he on the right track?

Here’s what experts actually say about¬†longevity and diet

Fish on a fork.

Fish and veggies are a better dinner option than cheeseburgers and fries. |

Fad diets inflate the notion that foods high in antioxidants are your key to a long, healthy life. While this isn’t untrue, many dieters get confused, sacrificing variety to squeeze in more foods said to fend off early death.

In reality, eating to extend your life involves a combination of adding certain types of foods to your plate while gradually cutting back on others. Variety counts. Eating more fish and whole grains, and fewer foods with added sugars, can significantly increase your chances of living well into your 80s and beyond.

Should you eat like Warren Buffett?

Chicken nuggets and ketchup on a plate.

Could you eat chicken nuggets every day? | OlgaMiltsova/iStock/Getty Images

The billionaire claims eating like a 6-year-old is the safest option for him in terms of longevity. At 87, it seems thousands of calories’ worth of junk food hasn’t slowed him down yet.

However, what works for Buffett might not work for you. There are people who eat junk food all day every day and live to be 100. There are also people who follow all organic, plant-based diets and still get heart disease. Take care of yourself, stay healthy, but enjoy your food, too.

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