The Insane Way Tom Hardy Is Getting in Shape for Spider-Man Spinoff Movie ‘Venom’

Tom Hardy is no stranger to bulking up for movie roles. From Warrior to Bronson to The Dark Knight Rises, he knows exactly what he’s doing when it comes to transforming his body. This time, Hardy got in serious shape for the Spider-Man spinoff movie, Venom. It’s set to release on Oct. 5, 2018.

From MMA fighting to intense weight training, here are the details of his workout routine that will amaze you.

1. He trained most days of the week

Tom Hardy posing on a red carpet.

Tom Hardy can be found working up a sweat pretty much all week. | Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Hardy knows the only way to see your desired results is persistence. While filming for Venom in Atlanta, he kept up with his intense workout routine with trainers Nathan Jones and Mark Mene. He was training up to five times a week and even fit in two workouts in one day.

2. He’s going through intense MMA training

Tom Hardy MMA training for 'Venom'.

His workouts aren’t about sweating lightly. | Richmond Fitness Club via Instagram

One of the best ways to get into superhero movie shape is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training. According to Richmond Fitness Club, Hardy put his all into his workouts. They shared his progress on Instagram, in which they wrote, “Tom Hardy smashing through his MMA training with us before working on #venom. He hits hard, improves fast, and always walks forward.”

3. Combos and defense movements

Tom Hardy MMA training for 'Venom'.

The role requires extensive training. | Nathan Jones via Instagram

Jones, who is a pro-MMA fighter, shared that Hardy worked on combos and defensive movements in his training. He boasted about his improvement, writing on Instagram, “Its been great helping Tom Hardy @tomhardydotorg out in prep for his role in Venom. He is getting better everyday. Here we are putting combos and defensive movement into practice.”

4. He has previous MMA experience

Tom Hardy during a fight scene in 'Warrior'.

Not his first rodeo. | Lionsgate

This isn’t the first time Hardy has practiced his MMA skills. His first go-around was in 2011’s Warrior, where he actually played an MMA fighter named Tommy. If he was able to transform himself into a professional fighter on-screen, he’s likely able to enhance his workouts for his supervillain persona.

5. Buff Dudes Workouts tried his weight training routine

Tom Hardy weight training routine for 'Venom'.

Others can attest to how hard his workout routines are. | Buff Dudes Workouts via YouTube

Other than his MMA training, he’s been going through some serious weight training at the gym. Buff Dudes Workouts, a popular YouTube channel known for trying out and breaking down superhero workouts, even added his routine to the list of exercises to try.

Hardy starts with a warm-up of two sets of incline bench presses for ten to fifteen minutes with two minute rest times. As Buff Dudes Workouts noted, this works out the smaller portion of the chest, which is a great place to get started. It’s weaker with less fiber, so it’s best to begin with building this area up.

He continues his warm up with two sets of floor presses for ten to fifteen reps. He’ll start out with high repetitions on a lighter set, but then makes it a bit heavier with two sets of five to eight working sets.

6. The workout increases intensity

Tom Hardy posing on a red carpet.

He works super hard to look this good. | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Once Hardy gets his warm-ups out of the way, he’d intensify the workout. Next up are arching pull-ups (first set ten reps), where he arches his back and brings his sternum up to the bar, rather than his clavicle. Buff Dudes Workouts mentions that this helps the mid to lower back and with core activation.

Hardy then moves on to a floor clean and push press (first set ten reps). He kicks it up a notch with two sets of five to eight reps for working sets. If you give these a try, make sure to start out lighter, as floor clean and push presses have a higher chance of leading to serious injury.

7. He slows it down at the end

Tom Hardy wears a black hoodie on a red carpet.

He slowly eases his body out of the intense workouts. | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

After the increased intensity of the workout, Hardy gives himself a bit of a rest with lateral dumbbell raises for two sets of ten reps. This will bulk up the shoulders, which Hardy is definitely known for.

The workout finishes off with four sets of floor crunches for ten to twenty reps. While his whole body is guaranteed to be ripped with his intense workout, he couldn’t be in Venom without signature superhero character abs.

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