Inside the Privileged Lives of Princess Charlotte and Prince George

Even before they had children, it was clear that Prince William and Kate Middleton were going to be very modern, down-to-earth parents. And as time has shown, Prince George and Princess Charlotte are being brought up in a way that helps them fit in with the masses. But of course, these little tots are still royals — and with that, comes a few special amenities.

Princess Charlotte’s $44,000 birthday gift

This is a closeup of Duchess Kate Middleton holding Princess Charlotte.

She has lots of people wanting to give her gifts. | Stephen Lock/Pool/Getty Images

Only the best gifts for a princess, right? Just before Charlotte’s first birthday, Vanity Fair highlighted a list released by the Royal Family highlighting the most extravagant presents she received. Among the expensive figurines and stuffed animals was a slew of pricey rattles. The rattle from The Natural Sapphire Company, made of white gold and dripping in jewels, clocks in at about $44,000.

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A trendy baby blanket

Kate Middleton holding Prince George on his lap.

Prince George is living a life of fun and luxury. | John Stillwell/PA Wire

A newborn heir to the throne should only be swaddled in the absolute best blankets, right? Such was the case when William and Kate first emerged from the hospital after Prince George was born. The three-day old prince was wrapped up snug in a jungle animal print Aden + Anais muslin wrap. The blanket spurred a shopping spree in which caused the small company’s blanket supply to sell out.

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The family pets

The Royal family posing with their dog.

The duke and duchess like to include their pets in official family photos. | Michael Middleton/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Most kids have to beg their parents to get a pet. Such is not the case for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who come from a long line of animal lovers. (Come on, have you seen their great-grandmother the Queen with her corgis?) George and Charlotte share the affection of the family cocker spaniel, Lupo, and Charlotte has a hamster named Marvin.

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Their large living quarters

Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge walk with Kate Middleton.

They don’t have to worry about space. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Being royal means living in royal digs, even if you are little tikes like George and Charlotte. The two live with their parents in the historic Kensington Palace in London. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their miniature royals live in a suite away from the tourists and events that the palace holds regularly. George and Charlotte’s uncle, Prince Harry, also lives there.

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And the other large living quarters

Kensington Palace gardens seen on a clear blue day.

Kensington Palace is a lot of upkeep. | Pat Hastings/iStock/Getty Images

With the Duke and Duchess’s wishes for privacy — and William’s wish that his kids don’t solely grow up behind palace walls — the family’s country home Anmer Hall in Norfolk is still a regular destination. The part-time home is on sprawling land that includes a tennis court for the adults and a swimming pool for the whole family. Perfect for young George and Charlotte to go out and play without the hustle and bustle of the city.

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A little help from the gardeners

Princess Charlotte holding a small bouquet of flowers.

Beautiful flowers and a gorgeous garden are a must. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

As we previously mentioned, William and Kate insist that their family stay out of the limelight as much as possible. Of course, that can be difficult at a place like Kensington Palace where there is lots of activity. Which is why the royals had the gardeners plant a hedge that doubles as a privacy fence from paparazzi and nosy neighbors. This way, the prince and princess can play outside without being spied on.

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Early jet-setters

Prince William and Kate Middleton walk together into a helicopter

They travel together as a family in style. | Patrik Stollarz/AFP/Getty Images

Typically, parents wait for their children to be grown up before taking them on excursions around the world. But when you’re a royal, jet-setting is a big part of life. Prince George took his first international trip with his parents when he was less than a year old!

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Special photographers for special occasions

Kate Middleton loves to capture the special moments, but an on-staff photographer is also available. | Pool/Getty Images

Every parent likes to bust out their cameras and snap as many pictures as possible for the kids’ first birthday. And sure, Kate Middleton has certainly taken her fair share of photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte. But that is only in addition to the children having their portraits taken by one of the Royal Family’s official photographers.

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Christmas presents

Prince George eating a candy cane.

Imagine all the Christmas gifts! | WPA/Pool/Getty

Christmas is a big deal for the royals, including traditions such as attending church together and celebrating with the Queen at Sandringham House in Norfolk. This also means lots of presents for George and Charlotte. In fact, Prince George was so excited about Christmas that he started opening his presents early in 2016 — much to the chagrin of his parents.

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Attending exclusive events

They rub elbows with the best. | Justin Tallis/Getty Images

Because of their family pedigree, Prince George and Princess Charlotte attend some of the biggest social events of the year. In fact, even though they are quite young, the prince and princess are already quite family with attending social events. (Although, judging by George’s expression at the Trooping the Colour parade, he does’t appear to like the high-class social scene very much.)

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First meetings with the press at a very young age

Prince George and Prince William waving at a crowd.

The paparazzi went nuts for early photos of Prince George. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Heck, the royals have their first run-in with the media when they’re just a couple days old! Who can forget the massive mob of photographers that were waiting outside the hospital for Prince William and Kate Middleton right after Prince George was born.

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The hospital where they were born

Kate Middleton smiling as Prince William looks at her.

Kate Middleton opted to give birth in a hospital. | Toby Melville/Getty Images

Prince George and Princess Charlotte can thank their late grandmother, Princess Diana, for making an upscale hospital stay a must for when royal babies are born. Diana broke the tradition of at-home birthing in favor of a comfy hospital stay, and Kate has followed suit. Both George, Charlotte, and the newest prince were born in the exclusive Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington.

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Custom-made threads

Princess Charlotte posing in a yellow sweater.

Princess Charlotte is always seen in the most adorable outfits. | HRH The Duchess of Cambridge via Getty Images

There is no denying that the prince and princess are well-dressed. (A trendsetter like Kate Middleton can’t have poorly-dressed kids, right?) So it’s no surprise that any outfit they get photographed in typically spurs a shopping spree for fans. Unless, of course, the clothes are custom made, which has potentially been the case for Charlotte’s adorable little dresses.

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Royal titles

The royal family during a ski vacation.

The royal family isn’t so different from a regular family. | John Stillwell/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Yes, even the youngest royals have official titles. They go by His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge and Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. The royals made headlines when it was announced that George would not be addressed by his title as he attends public school, and is simply called George Cambridge.

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A new sibling!

Prince George looking into a black stroller.

Prince George must be excited for the new bundle of joy.  |  Chris Jackson/Getty Images

What little kid doesn’t want to have another baby at the house? Prince George and Princess Charlotte now have that pleasure that their mother Kate Middleton has given birth to her third child. We imagine this will bring in a whole new bunch of expensive baby gifts — and some “big sibling gifts” for George and Charlotte.

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