Instagram Photos From the Trump Kids That Show What It’s Like to Be Filthy Rich

The Trump kids have grown up surrounded by wealth. Their Instagram are a direct reflection of their rich upbringing. They get the best of the best in their lives. Check out the best things they highlight on their Instagram feeds and get an inside look at what it’s like to be filthy rich.

Prime seats at sporting events


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Baseball is one of America’s favorite past times. The Trump family enjoys baseball just as much as the rest of the country. However, while most Americans watch games from their couches, the Trump family watches games from the best seats in the stadium. Ivanka’s daughter, Arabella, experienced her first baseball game in the front row. While Eric Trump sat in what definitely isn’t the cheap seats (note the leather chairs) at a baseball game.

They fly privately

Thank you North Carolina!

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A perk of being filthy rich is not having to deal with airport security. The Trumps bypass the nightmare that can be the airport, and fly on private jets. Ivanka snapped a picture with a private jet in the background, ready for takeoff. Her siblings post photos of helicopter and plane rides on their feeds as well.

Holidays are extra special

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! ❤❄️

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The holidays are a special time for any family. The Trumps make the holidays even more special by celebrating in a big way. They celebrate on a larger scale than the average American by attending black tie parties and going all out with decorations. For example, Tiffany posted a picture of her extravagant Christmas decoration for the holidays in 2016. In 2017, Tiffany posted a photo from a New Year’s celebration that looks closer to a celebrity wedding than a New Year’s party.

They travel a lot and do cool things

The Trump kids travel very often. They travel across the U.S. and travel internationally. For instance, Donald Trump, Jr. took his son on a fishing trip to Alaska. They went fly fishing and caught King Salmon. This type of vacation may be considered a once-in-a-lifetime trip for many. On another trip, Donald Trump, Jr. and his brother, Eric embarked on a motocross trip through Death Valley.

They attend exclusive events

#NYFW #CarmenMarcValvo @adwarren

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Being filthy rich allows you access to some of the most exclusive events. Tiffany Trump shows she’s attended New York Fashion Week on more than one occasion. She had the privilege of sitting front row the Carmen Marc Valvo show in 2014. Tiffany attended another exclusive fashion event when she was able to view a designer’s new collection in Sept. 2016.

They see lots of beautiful things


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Instagram is a place where people share the best parts of their lives. It’s no surprise the Trumps share some of the best views. In general, their feeds are full of breathtaking landscapes. Tiffany features photos of giant trees, picturesque beaches, and incredible skyline views on her Instagram feed.

Photoshoots are normal

Missing those NYC hot dog stands. Happy #NationalHotDogDay ! #Throwback : Bruce Weber

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The Trump kids are used to being in the spotlight. Photoshoots are practically normal for them. Ivanka posts many photos on Instagram in hair and makeup getting ready to be in front of a camera. She even posted a picture from a photo shoot with fashion photographer, Bruce Weber. Tiffany’s Instagram feed is full of shots from her budding modeling career.

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