Is Deodorant Bad for Your Health? 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Natural Deodorant

Deodorant is a personal hygiene product everyone can agree on. However, there are growing concerns about potential cancer-causing ingredients in deodorant. And, everyone’s favorite odor-fighter has become one of the more controversial personal care items. Is deodorant bad for your health? According to some experts, it can be. We take a closer look at how traditional deodorant can impact health and reasons why you should switch to natural deodorant, ahead.

Applying deodorant

Some deodorants contain cancer-causing ingredients. | Anetlanda/iStock/Getty Images

Is deodorant bad for your health?

It’s no secret that non-toxic deodorant is having a moment. But, with our focus on the bad side of traditional antiperspirants and deodorant, it’s hard to know what’s true about said odor-fighters. Which makes us wonder: How bad is deodorant for you?

One of the biggest reasons some say traditional antiperspirants is because of the aluminum found in their formulas. Aluminum is the main active ingredient found in antiperspirants, as it can temporarily blocking sweat under the arms. And while some say it’s nothing to be concerned about, others warn against the impact aluminum can have on the body.

Some claims link aluminum to breast cancer in women. Also, Alzheimer’s is connected to the aluminum compounds found in antiperspirants. Because deodorant is applied under the arms, close to the lymph nodes, applying a product with aluminum and other cancer-causing ingredients can be particularly risky. However, with conflicting views, the jury is still out on this on whether or not deodorant is bad for your health.

Reasons why you should switch to a natural deodorant

If you are concerned about the cancer-causing ingredients found in traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, switching to a natural deodorant is worth it. And, switching to a formula that is non-toxic has more benefits than you’d think. Keep reading for reasons why you should switch to a natural deodorant.

1. You detox more naturally

Conventional deodorants tend to clog your pores and makes it harder for the body to detox on its own. However, using a natural deodorant can allow the body to perspire naturally (but under control), which helps get rid of toxins.

2. The essential oils have health benefits

Instead of fragrance, natural deodorants contain essential oil for a more natural scent. Using a natural deodorant allows your body to reap the benefits of eucalyptus, lavender, calendula, and other popular deodorant essential oils.

3. No yellow stains

Yellow pit stains are the worst. And, aluminum typically causes them. For the most part, natural deodorants are easy to wash out and will keep your favorite white shirt stain-free.

4. They are cruelty-free

If you have concerns about animal testing in the personal care industry, switch to a natural deodorant. Since the formulas don’t contain synthetic ingredients that require animal testing, they are typically cruelty-free — and sometimes vegan!

5. Natural fragrance

Phthalate is a common chemical found in scented products. And, get this: It can negatively impact your health. Because the FDA doesn’t require brands to disclose what is in the so-called “fragrance” listed on the packaging, chemically scented products such as deodorant can contain a host of dangerous chemicals. Switching to a natural deodorant ensures the fragrance used is natural and typically derived from essential oil.

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