Is This Food Sold at Costco Going to Be Recalled?

Thinking of preparing a healthy side for your Thanksgiving feast? If fruits and veggies are your go-to, you should be mindful of what you select out of the produce aisle at Costco. Because one food staple could potentially get recalled soon. And if you want to stay healthy — and happy — this holiday season, you should probably stay away from this commonly-used eat at all costs.

Which food could be getting recalled?


Sliced cucumber | SednevaAnna/iStock/Getty Images

According to the Food Poison Journal associated with the Marler Clark Law Firm, the warehouse retailer is recalling three-packs of English cucumbers, which have been linked to cases of salmonella.

The FPJ reports health officials in Washington are currently working “state, local and federal public health partners” as they investigate six cases of salmonella spread over five different counties. People in five of the six cases reported buying English cucumbers from the warehouse store, the FPJ says. The last case was reported in mid-September, however health officials believe the outbreak is ongoing.

Where did this outbreak come from?

It’s believed the breakouts in Washington are related to several salmonella cases over the border in Canada. According to Food Safety News, there have been salmonella outbreaks in five Canadian provinces reported between mid-June and late September of this year. While most of the cases were in British Columbia, they also occurred in individuals living in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Quebec. (Although the lone individual from Quebec had recently visited British Columbia, Food Safety News said.)

As of October 19, there were 37 confirmed cases of salmonella in British Columbia, five in Alberta, and one case each in the other provinces. Of those cases, nine people had to be hospitalized, the Huffington Post says.

Have cucumbers been recalled yet?

They haven’t been recalled — at least, not officially. However, people who have bought the three-pack of English cucumbers from Costco between August 18 and September 15 are asked to throw the produce away. Furthermore, anyone who has eaten Costco cucumbers recently or believes they are experiencing symptoms of a salmonella infection are encouraged to see their doctor.

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