Is Trump’s ‘Space Force’ a Possibility in the near Future? We Imagine What It Would Take to Get There

Donald Trump

Donald Trump | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Donald Trump likes to propose a lot of impossible things and so does Congress. One of those things is creating a new branch of the U.S. military that is dedicated our military operations in space. This is a proposition that the Pentagon has fully rebuked because of how infeasible it would be.

For the sake of argument, what would it take to create a Space Force? We have imagined what would have to be done in order to create a viable Space Force based on the needs of every military branch. Take a look and let your imagination sore.

1. Recruitment

Recruiting for an astronaut is a pretty complicated process. They are looking for the best of best in any respective field. When it comes to soldiers, there aren’t much better than those in the U.S. military. So the Space Force would have to draw on the other three departments to create the ranks. We doubt that they would take anyone who popped into a recruitment office one day when they were feeling particularly patriotic.

2. How do you train a space force

Take everything we know about training an astronaut and then mix it together with military training. The only problem is that we only have half of the equation. A big part of the strength of our military comes from experience. Last we checked, we don’t have any astronauts that have engaged in space combat.

Furthermore, has anyone seen the mechanics of firing a weapon in space? Guns are immediately eliminated from the battlefield and any other projectile-based weapon. When they get fired, the soldier would immediately be launched in the opposite direction or sent spinning into the distance.

3. Mobility is going to be problematic

Mobility is an essential part of any capable offensive force. In an hours notice, our military can reach almost any part of the globe. A Space Force would require some pretty expensive trips from Earth to orbit and we would always need a rocket ready to go.

Typically, an astronaut costs almost $90 million to get to orbit. A platoon can consist of anywhere from 15-45 soldiers. Any conflict we would have in space would be quickly snubbed out by costs. Our other option is to have a celestial base of operations.

4. A space base?

International Space Station orbiting Earth

International Space Station | 3DSculptor/iStock/Getty Images

Given the fact that the soldiers would be prohibitively expensive to deploy from the ground, we would need a base of operations in orbit. One option is that it would have to be a space station in orbit similar to the ISS that would be dedicated to housing a garrison of troops.

The other option is to create a Moon base that would make launch significantly cheaper and easier. Either option is still insanely expensive when you consider what it takes to supply a base full of soldiers.

5. The physical demands would be insane

We have had astronauts up in space for over half a century at this point. One of our biggest challenges is keeping those astronauts fit for duty. We do out best, but their bodies still break down from long space flights.

The average deployment of a soldier is around 16 months. So you could imagine what that would do to a soldier serving a regular deployment. The results we have seen so far are nothing short of concerning.

6. Who would our enemies be?

There are really only three major space programs in the world: NASA, Roscomos, and the CNSA. The last two are the Russian and Chinese space agencies respectively. These are the only two countries that have the where with all or the capability to deploy a competitive space force. Last we checked, we weren’t technically at war with them.

This only leaves one other viable imaginary enemy: Extra Terrestrials. Given the fact that this whole policy is tremendously expensive, what are the chances that Trump was privy to information on the existence of extra-terrestrials? None.

The real reason that Trump wants to create a space force is that we do actually already operate in space. Many of the other branches of military depend on our space-based platforms like GPS, spy satellites, and more. The space force would take over control of that arena and manage those assets. You know, like Space Command in the Air Force.

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