Ivanka Trump Posted This Tribute to Her Mom on Instagram, and We’re Seriously Confused About Their Relationship

Mother and daughter relationships can be complex and even tumultuous. But when it comes to the Trump women, it is all about the love.

Ivana and Ivanka Trump seem to have nothing but love and respect for each other. Their public comments and affectionate displays have been total relationship goals for the rest of us. And while it is clear their bond is solid, Ivanka’s recent Instagram tribute to Ivana had everyone scratching their heads (page 6).

1. Ivanka describes her mother this way

She admires her mother. | Martyn Hayhow/GettyImages

In her book, Women Who Work, Ivanka referred to her mother as a role model, Fortune reports. She seems to look up to her mother’s accomplishments and use them as her metric for success.

“It was my mother, unapologetically feminine in a male industry, who first embodied and defined for me what it meant to be a multidimensional woman—a woman works at all aspects of her life,” she wrote.  “By example, she taught me to define success on my own terms, to set my own priorities, and to be true to my values.”

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2. This is Ivanka’s real name

Ivanka Trump

She actually shares her name with her mother. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Of course, it is no coincidence Ivanka and Ivana seem like very similar names. In fact, Ivanka is actually named Ivana, but later the Trumps added a “k” to her name. She revealed how this materialized on Twitter. “My actual name is Ivana. In Czech, Ivanka is the baby name for Ivana, like Bobby is to Robert.”

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3. Ivana feels the same way about her daughter

Ivana Trump at a fashion show

She is equally impressed with her daughter. | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Ivana paints a picture of how she views Ivanka as a mother in her memoir. “Ivanka is a marvelous mother and wife; founded her own apparel, jewelry, and shoes business; authored two books (her most recent one, Women Who Work, I believe, was inspired by me); is now the assistant to her father, the president of the United States; and is actively working to improve the lives of women and children,” Vanity Fair recounts.

She also felt she was 100% responsible for raising well-balanced children, according to an essay Ivana wrote for Time. She said all three children were applauded during the election for their demeanor. “While campaigning for their father last year, they were praised for their intelligence, poise, dedication and coincidence,” she wrote.

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4. Ivana has these aspirations for her daughter

Ivanka and Ivana Trump

She thinks Ivanka could be president. | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

In her book, Ivana expressed presidential aspirations for her daughter. “I think Ivanka played a big part in Donald’s victory,” Vanity Fair recounts. “Voters looked at her and thought, I like her. I trust her. She loves her father, so he can’t be that bad. Who knows? One day, she might be the first female—and Jewish—POTUS.”

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5. Ivanka’s Instagram birthday post showed her affection

Ivana and Ivanka Trump | Ivanka Trump via Instagram

In a sweet display of affection, Ivanka posted an endearing message to her mother on her birthday. She featured a throwback image of the duo in all white. Ivana is holding little Ivanka’s hand, while Ivanka is bowing down to her mother. The caption read, “Happy birthday Mom! Today, I bow to you even deeper, as I better understand just how hard a job it is to be a great mom! You inspire now, as you did then. I love you.”

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6. This post was a record screech

Ivanka’s next tribute to her mother seemed a little off, especially after the love-fest for Ivana’s birthday. For Mother’s Day, Ivanka featured another throwback photo of Ivana on skis with the message, “Happy Mother’s Day to my amazing mother and the best skier I know! Love you.” While she included a “love you” with the message, her followers seemed genuinely confused.

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7. Some fans ripped Ivanka for the post

Ivanka Trump on FOX & Friends

She got criticism from all sides. | Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Although it was a simple Mother’s Day Instagram post, followers couldn’t resist making comments. One person responded: “@itsivanatrump that was a weak Mother’s Day wish. Ivana, you deserve better than that,” People reports.

Another person posted, “Just like mom! Oh wait… we aren’t multi millionaires.” And there was simply this: “What is this picture.” Followed by laughing emojis.

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8. Some think this tribute honors their bond

Ivana Trump and her children

Ivana Trump and her children | Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images

Elite Daily’s headline about the post read, “Ivanka Trump’s Mother’s Day Tweet Is Honoring Her Mom In Such A Sweet Way.” Instead of just saying “I love you” or using other mushy lingo, Ivanka featured one of her mother’s major accomplishments–skiing.

Ivana was a competitive skier when she met Donald Trump. She eventually skied the Italian Alps and was a member of the Czech junior national ski team. Ivana was also an alternate for the Czech Olympic ski team in 1992. While some may have seen the post as cold, others acknowledged this as a true tribute to her mother.

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