Ivanka Trump’s Daily Eating Habits May Surprise You

First daughter Ivanka Trump has been garnering attention for years already, with magazines interviewing her on everything from what outfit she wears to how she maintains her thin frame. So naturally, what she likes to eat is a common point of intrigue. And while some of her food choices seem pretty obvious, certain aspects of her diet may surprise you.

Here’s a look at what Ivanka Trump typically eats.

She’s obsessed with Diet Coke

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For the most part, Ivanka appears to eat pretty healthy. (We’ll get to her daily menu in just a minute.) But she does have one glaring vice: Diet Coke. Ivanka doesn’t shy away from promoting her unhealthy soda habit either, posting about taking a “Diet Coke break” on social media. Although the foods she prepares for herself and her family are quite health conscious, she doesn’t appear to be giving up the NutraSweet anytime soon. 

She eats Kosher at home …

Ivanka Trump poses with her husband Jared at the MET Gala.

They keep is kosher at home. | Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Outside of her soda habit, Ivanka sticks to a pretty regimented diet. She reportedly keeps kosher when eating at home, and implements the ancient dietary laws when she prepares meals for her family. Since her husband, Jared Kushner, grew up eating kosher, Ivanka also borrows recipes from her mother-in-law. (The potato latkes she photographed for Instagram are just one dish that has been passed down to her family.)

… but she does splurge on dinners out

Ivanka Trump sits in a pink ensemble as she speaks during a panel.

Indulging at a swanky restaurant? Sign us up. | Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fortune

When it comes to dining out, Ivanka and Jared appear to be a little more lenient with what they eat. Eater D.C. reports that the couple has been seen frequenting multiple Italian restaurants in Washington D.C. as well as chowing on tapas and meeting with the rest of the Trump clan at swanky upscale eateries.

She takes advantage of the convenience of frozen foods

Ivanka Trump flips her hair while holding a microphone.

Meal prepping is no problem for the successful businesswoman. | Sean Gallup/Getty Images

But we aren’t talking about fatty, salty, frozen TV dinners. The Daily Meal reveals that health-conscious Ivanka gets plenty of use out of her freezer, packing it with fruits and vegetables. Berries to throw into smoothies and greens to prepare as a dinner side dish are commonplace in her ice box.

She eats lots of lean protein

Fresh salmon on a pile of lettuce.

We can get behind her favorite dish. | Gbh007/iStock/Getty Images

Lean protein is a key component of many healthy eating plans, so it’s no surprise that Ivanka implements this into her own daily menu. She’s a particularly big fan of wild salmon, which is packed with omega-3s and essential vitamins. Ivanka also tends to shy away from carbs, only eating them in moderation.

Breakfast is always one of two things

Ivanka Trump and her husband hold their two sons.

Her kids eat a hearty breakfast every morning. | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

When it comes to breakfast, Ivanka gives her kids two options. She told My Morning Routine that her kids get to choose between Greek yogurt with berries or oatmeal in the morning. Although, she didn’t specify what brand of Greek yogurt she gives the kids. (Not all Greek yogurts are kosher certified.) While we’re talking about the family …

Ivanka plans special Friday night dinners for her family

Check out Ivanka’s social media accounts, and you will see many pictures of her making dinner for her husband and kids. That’s because Friday nights in particular are family dinner night — complete with a healthy dessert for afterwards. Avocado chocolate mousse is just one of the “sweet” treats her family indulges in.

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