James Comey Claims Donald Trump Is Like a Mob Boss and Sadly, These Personality Traits Back It Up

In his bombshell book, A Higher LoyaltyJames Comey likens Donald Trump to a mob boss. Comey wrote that Trump reminded him of when he prosecuted mobsters and their “silent circle of assent,” CNN reports. So why does Trump remind Comey of a mobster boss? Page 5 will blow your mind.

1. Who’s the boss?

donald trump pointing to melania with an american flag behind them

At the 2016 RNC, Trump claimed that he alone could fix America’s problems. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Comey wrote, “The boss in complete control,” when referring to Trump, according to CNN. One example of how Trump demonstrated his boss mentality was during the infamous 2016 Republican National Convention when Trump declared, “I am your voice,” The Atlantic reports. “I alone can fix it. I will restore law and order.”

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2. Trump wants this from others

Trump allegedly tried to strong-arm Comey. | Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images

Trump has a fierce focus on loyalty, telling Comey during dinner,  “I need loyalty. I expect loyalty,” ABC News reports. When Comey tried to direct the conversation elsewhere, Trump clamped down on the loyalty pledge. When he asked again for loyalty, Comey said he could offer him honesty to which Trump said, “That’s what I want, honest loyalty.”

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3. It’s us against them

US President Donald Trump (L) looks up as he sits beside China's President Xi Jinping during a tour of the Forbidden City

Trump often takes an “America vs. the World” position. | JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

Comey writes that Trump has an “us-versus-them worldview,” which aligns with the president’s distain for globalization. Trump characterized globalization as the reason why some Americans were struggling financially, which played into his promise to “make American great again.”

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4. What does he have to hide?

turmp speaking in beijing against a blue background

Trump gets caught lying all the time. | Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images

Comey wrote that Trump was, “lying about all things, large and small.” In fact, Politifact has an entire page dedicated to Trump’s lies, which grows every few days. Trump insists the U.S. is the highest taxed nation, which is untrue, and often contradicts previously made statements, The New York Times lists.

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5. Could this rumor be true?

Trump has proven mob ties. | Timothy Clary/AFP/Getty Images

Although Trump is caught lying about everything from crowd size to taxes, he’s also been rumored to lie about having ties to the mob. At one point Trump purchased concrete from mobsters Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno and Paul Castellano, Politico reports. He never disclosed this fact until it came out during a federal investigation. Trump also lied about being under grand jury investigation.

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6. This is what Trump says to mob tie allegations

Us President Donald Trump walks from Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House as he returns from his weekend trip to Mar-a-Lago, on February 12, 2017, in Washington, DC.

When it comes to business, Trump says he’s the “cleanest guy there is.” | Molly Riley/AFP/Getty Images

Trump denies any links to mob families, telling The Wall Street Journal, “If people were like me, there would be no mob, because I don’t play that game,” Mother Jones reports.  He went on to insist that he was, “the cleanest guy there is.”

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7. At least one person doesn’t think Trump has the chops to be in the mob

Donald Trump talking to Stephen Colbert | The Late Show with Stephen Colbert via YouTube

The Late Show host Steven Colbert sees Trump and his dynasty as more of a soap opera than an actual mob organization, Time reports. During his show Colbert said that Trump, “Doesn’t seem tough enough to be a mob boss.”

Plus, Colbert described how the Trump organization is run. “Like la Cosa Nostra, Trump has appointed family members to key positions. But unlike the mafia, none of his relatives are competent. It’s all explained in the new movie, Godfather Part 4: Oops! All Fredos.”

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