Jennifer Lopez’s Secrets Revealed: Here’s How She Stays in Incredible Shape

Jennifer Lopez isn’t new to the entertainment industry — we remember back in 2002 when she was just “Jenny from the block,” and even before that when she starred alongside Ice Cube in Anaconda. J.Lo’s proven she’s a jack-of-all-trades with her singing, dancing, and acting career. But one thing’s never changed — her amazing figure. And at 48 years old with twins, J.Lo knows exactly what to do to stay in top shape.

If you’re curious about J.Lo’s exercise routine, it’s clear she does a lot of dancing, strength training, and cardio to get that perfect hourglass shape. Curious about her specific moves? Here are the ones you need to incorporate into your routine.

1. Knee pull with a flexed foot to arabesque

woman doing leg workouts on a yoga mat

Make sure to keep that foot flexed — you’re working specific muscles when you do that. |

Tracy Anderson, J.Lo’s personal trainer who’s known for giving celebs a serious workout, knows the perfect moves for strengthening your glutes. This knee pull exercise seems easy, but try it for 30 reps with ankle weights between one and five pounds. You’ll feel your quads, hamstrings, and butt working in seconds.

To start this move, as outlined by Health, lower down on all fours with your forearms on the floor. Starting on the left side, pull your left knee in and keep your foot flexed. Then, extend the left leg completely back out and up (that’s your arabesque shape) for one rep. Don’t touch your knee to the ground between reps, either — keep it floating above the mat when you pull it in again.

2. Push-up with a leg kick

woman doing push-ups with weights in her hands in the gym

Use a three-pound weight to get the most out of this exercise. |

This full-body exercise is another one recommended by Anderson, PopSugar reports. This one incorporates light resistance, so start with one three-pound dumbbell in your left hand. You’ll begin in a push-up position with your knees on the mat and the weight in your left hand. Perform a push-up here, and then lift your left leg and left arm off the ground. The left leg extends fully and kicks back behind you, and the left arm (holding the weight, of course) lifts high overhead and then punches forward. That’s one rep. Try 30 to complete one set.

Here’s why this exercise is tough — it really tests your balance and strength as you lift both your leg and arm off the ground. And when you work on stability, you’re getting an awesome core workout.

3. Stability ball pikes

women in an exercise class holding stability balls between their legs

Stability balls can really enhance your workout. |

If you’re not incorporating a stability ball into your workout yet, we can’t recommend it enough. David Kirsch, another one of J.Lo’s trainers, tells Allure the entertainment superstar loves using a stability ball to get an awesome core workout. And if you’re seeking a real challenge, look no further than the stability ball pike.

The American Council on Exercise explains you should start this exercise with your hands and feet on the floor and the ball underneath your torso. From here, engage your abs, slowly lift your feet off the floor, and walk your hands forward until the ball is resting around your knee area. Your core and legs need to be super strong here to hold this plank position. Next, pull your feet toward your chest and roll the ball forward so you enter your pike position, keeping the legs super straight. When you’re fully in your pike, your hips should be directly below your shoulders. Slowly lower yourself back down into your plank position to complete one rep.

4. Sitting hip lift

woman doing side planks

Your obliques will be challenged by this exercise. |

The obliques and hips are often forgotten in exercise routines. But thanks to Anderson’s recommendations, Lopez knows how to strengthen and define this area of her body. Try the sitting hip lift, as outlined by People. This move is performed on the ground, so sit on your right side hip with your knees stacked and bent with your chest lifted. Place your right hand on the ground for support and your left hand in front of your hips. Extend the left leg fully (keep that knee straight) and place your toe on the floor. Then, lift your hips up. That’s one rep. Repeat on this side as many times as you can before switching.

Need a bigger challenge? Try lifting that left hand away from the floor and toward the sky so your arms align with your shoulders. Your hips and core will have to work extra hard to keep you stable.

5. Twisted lunges

women doing lunges in an exercise class

Twisted lunges work more than just your lower body. |

This isn’t your average lunge. This is a lower body move that J.Lo’s personal trainer Gunnar Peterson recommends to simultaneously work the core and glutes, reports. To start, bring your right leg behind you and sink into a lunge with both knees at 90-degree angles. Then, pivot your body to the left. You also have the option of lowering your right hand down to align with your left foot and opening up your chest for a deeper twist. Pivot forward again to complete one rep, and alternate legs each time. Make sure you do 15 on each side to complete a set.

6. Pilates

Jennifer Lopez on stage with her right hand up

J.Lo keeps her strong and fit physique with the help of Pilates. | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

J.Lo loves everything from cardio to weights, but what’s her secret to staying so toned? It might actually be Pilates. According to Studio Pilates, Lopez rounds out her workout routine with plenty of these moves for a strong back and core. And she’s not the only one — other celebs like Madonna, Julia Roberts, and Cindy Crawford are all big fans of the practice.

If you want to try a few Pilates moves but are unsure of where to begin, Greatist talked to Sarah Ruback of Core Pilates NYC for a few suggestions. Hundreds, double leg stretches, bicycle crunches, and leg lifts from a bridge position are all awesome ab exercises. For a bit of upper body training, try going into a high plank, performing three to five push-ups with elbows close to your ribcage, and then walking your hands back into your feet to slowly stand back up to complete one rep.

7. HIIT training

woman doing mountain climbers

Mountain climbers are a staple in many HIIT workouts. | Kaczmarek

A well-rounded workout routine isn’t complete without some high-intensity interval training. Peterson says Lopez focuses on circuit training involving plyometrics, mixed cardio, and resistance training four to five times a week, Pop Workouts reports. It’s the mix of everything that’s truly the secret to Lopez’s success.

Between sets of weighted exercises like lunges, bicep curls, and pulldowns, Lopez will do 30 seconds each of mountain climbers, high knees, or jumping rope. Her HIIT workouts tend to last between 35 and 40 minutes, but if you’re new to these exercises, start with 20 minutes and go from there. HIIT is short for a reason — it incorporates all of your muscles and explosive movements for a major calorie burn.

Need ideas for making your own high-intensity workout? Try these.