Jessica Simpson Goes on an Instagram Rampage Posting Photos of Her Hot Bikini Body While on Vacation

Many celebs have been sharing their beach vacation photos on social media as of late. (Just in time to give the rest of us to get bikini body inspiration!) Pop icon Jessica Simpson recently jumped on the bandwagon by sharing a plethora of selfies from her recent trip to the Bahamas.

Here is what Simpson’s photo rampage says about her self-image — and what her followers have to say in return (page 6).

Beach pics and closet selfies

Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

Simpson turned into quite the shudder bug while on vacation with her husband, Eric Johnson. She mastered “closet selfie” in which she showed off her array of cute bikinis and gigantic sunglasses. The Instagram fun even hit the beach, where she took a few pics of herself sunbathing scantily clad.

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Why it’s a positive thing

Jessica Simpson wearing Jessica Simpson Collection

Her weight has been the subject of gossip for years. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

It may seem like Simpson is going overboard taking pictures of herself. But this is also a sign that she is proud of her body and wants to show it off. Since she has spent so long working in an industry that puts women down because of their size and shape, it’s nice to see that she is comfortable and happy in her own skin.

Clearly, she’s worked hard for it

The Cheat Sheet has taken a look at Simpson’s diet and exercise regimen in the past. From the looks of her pictures, her methods of working out outside of the gym and taking a realistic approach to eating right has paid off for her. And clearly, she is confident in its success to rock as many cute bikinis as she desires.

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Her history with ‘the bikini’

Dukes of Hazzard

As Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard | Source: Village Roadshow Pictures

Jessica Simpson’s weight has been the subject of tabloid fodder for over a decade. While she’s been under a microscope for most of her life, her figure really grabbed attention after she lost a bunch of weight and rocked a bikini in The Dukes of Hazzard movie back in 2005.

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History of being body-shamed

Left: Jessica Simpson at her highest weight | YouTube, Right: Jessica Simpson looking slim in black | Andrew Toth/Getty Images

Once Simpson wasn’t pencil-thin anymore, fans and critics alike put a spotlight on her fluctuating weight. She was heavily criticized — and wrongfully so — after the birth of her first child when she didn’t rapidly lose all the weight that she gained during her pregnancy.

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The reaction to her photos

The reaction has been largely positive. | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

The overall reaction to Jessica Simpson’s flood of bikini pics was positive. There were, however, those who chastised her for posting suggestive pictures because she’s a mother. Thankfully, Simpson’s fans had her back, with one posting: “Life is supposed to stop when a woman has kids? I don’t see anyone calling for fathers to stop living life after kids … Keep on, Jessica!”

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Is she headed for another body transformation

Could she be planning for another baby? | Jessica Simpson via Instagram

One interesting tidbit about Simpson’s bikini photos is that they were posted in light of rumors that she has “baby fever” and hasn’t ruled out having a third child. Was the bathing suit photo shoot to show that she isn’t expecting another kid just yet? We’ll just have to wait and see …

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