Joanna Gaines Turns This Ordinary Activity into a Sweet Way to Spend Time with Her Children


Joanna Gaines and Drake

Joanna Gaines makes a point to spend time with her children. | Joanna Gaines via Instagram

Joanna Gaines, star of the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper, along with husband, Chip, places family high on her priority list. This can be seen in her and Chip’s decision to take a break from the show, so they could focus on their children. Family is so important that Joanna even looks for small projects to get the kids involved in so that they can enjoy quality time together.

Here’s the ordinary activity Joanna Gaines turns into a sweet way to spend with her children.

Family first

  • Screen time is banned during meals.

Communication is emphasized in the Gaines household. Joanna even has a “no cell-phone” policy during meals. This is because technology tends to make it difficult for people to focus on conversation and what’s going on around them. In one of her blog posts, she said she prefers for everyone to engage in meaningful conversation. “At our house, we keep phones away from the table at meal times so we can focus on each other and the conversation around the table,” said Joanna.

Spending time outdoors is a must

  • They try not to stay inside all day.

Chip and Joanna encourage their children to appreciate spending time outside. They prefer the kids to interact with each other and play outdoors instead of staring at a screen, playing video games. “[There are] certain things that I really care about, but I think the funny part, with Chip, is just the video games, the TV,” Joanna told People. “That’s where he kinda gets a little strict. It’s, ‘You go play outside.’” Chip added, “I think I’m like a quarter Amish. I’ve got some glitch in me [where] I don’t like normal technological advances.”

This is the activity Joanna Gaines uses to bond with her children

  • Joanna puts the kids to work.

Your first guess might be cooking or decorating, but that’s not it. The activity Joanna enjoys doing with her children is gardening. In the Fall 2018 issue of The Magnolia Journal, the mother of five talks about how she anticipates the fall because it’s a time when she and her children can go to the garden and pick the fruit and vegetables they planted earlier in the year. “Every autumn, the things that have been planted in gardens and sown on farmland flourish in the soil and multiply right before our eyes. This is the easiest time of year to talk the kids into helping me in the garden. Who doesn’t like to see the literal fruits of their labors?” says Joanna.

Her children can’t wait to see the results of their hard work

  • The kids don’t mind getting their hands dirty.

Joanna says the kids get excited to assist her with gardening. In her magazine column, she says she can see the joy this activity brings them. This is what she had to say about the satisfaction her youngsters get from seeing the results of their hard work:

As they gather the fruits and veggies that they spent the better part of the year planting, watering, and caring for, I can see the thrill in their young faces. They finally get to see (and touch and taste!) how their dedication and diligence, along with the behind-the-scenes work of nature itself, were enough to make these crops ready to nourish our bodies.

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