John McCain’s Daughter Posted These Photos on Instagram That Have Us Concerned for His Health

Cancer affects millions every year — and as we’ve seen with John McCain, even notable politicians can’t get away from it. The Independent explains the senator was diagnosed with glioblastoma back in July 2017 after a routine procedure to remove a blood clot from above his eye. Since then, he’s undergone a range of treatments and been in and out of the hospital.

His daughter, Meghan, shares bits and pieces of her father’s battle on social media. And her heartfelt messages and photos have us worried about his health.

1. Meghan has a very close relationship with her father

Meghan McCain and John McCain sit together.

She is hanging on to her father very tightly. | Meghan McCain via Instagram

You’ve likely seen Meghan expressing her political opinions on The View. And even if you don’t keep up with her political standpoints, it’s hard to forget that her and her family are dealing with a very difficult situation. In this Instagram photo, we see her and her father looking happy together. In the caption, she even says there’s “no place I would rather be.”

Previously, she posted a statement on Twitter that said she doesn’t want to live in a world without him. And above all else, she asks the public to say a prayer for her father’s health.

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2. She shares that he’s stable after his most recent hospitalization

Meghan McCain instagram post.

McCain revealed that her father is in stable condition. | Meghan McCain via Instagram

While the brain cancer is scary, John McCain has also been admitted to the hospital for complications from chemotherapy. Meghan told The Independent that her father had pneumonia around Christmas. More recently, he dealt with an intestinal infection that required surgery, People reports.

The infection was a result of a lowered immune system, which happens with chemo. Fortunately, Meghan writes he’s in stable condition.

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3. Meghan tweeted that she’s heading home to be with her family during this time

Meghan McCain tweet.

The family is spending a lot of time together. | Meghan McCain via Twitter

Following her father’s intestinal surgery, Meghan notes on Twitter that she was heading home to Arizona to be close to her loved ones. She also thanked everyone for their “kind words and prayers,” noting “it really means so much to my family.” The surgery seemed like a success, but her frequent travels have us worried.

Others in the political world, like Joe Biden, have also reached out to Meghan to offer support, People says. He told Meghan that “you’ve got to maintain hope” through it all, and that if anyone can make it through this, it’s her dad who can.

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4. It’s no secret just how serious John McCain’s brain cancer really is

John McCain sitting in front of a wooden bench or table.

John McCain has a tough battle to beat.  | Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Meghan wears a strong face for her father and has faith in his eventual recovery. But glioblastoma proves to be a tough cancer to beat. Mayo Clinic explains this type of cancer is still incredibly difficult to treat. And most options right now only slow the disease down instead of getting rid of it completely.

Newsmax notes there’s a new drug that might be able to target glioblastoma specifically, so there is hope. At John McCain’s current stage, however, we’re still concerned.

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5. She notes how courageous she thinks he is

Meghan McCain's instagram post and message.

Meghan McCain has been supporting of her father. | Meghan McCain bia Instagram

Around Christmas, Meghan posted this black and white photo of her father and her when she was a child. Her caption was a heartfelt message thanking him for showing her “what love and courage is.”

No matter what, Meghan has nothing but positive things to note regarding her father’s condition. The Hill notes she talked about his bout with pneumonia to CNN, which occurred around the time she posted this photo. “But he’s made this, like, really incredible comeback,” she said.

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6. This photo from her childhood points to less stressful times for the family

Meghan McCain's Instagram photo.

Why is Meghan McCain posting these photos now? | Meghan McCain via Instagram

Who doesn’t love a family photo as sweet as this? Meghan posted this one on her Instagram with a message all of her followers loved. “We are a ride or die family,” she wrote. “I am, always have been, and always will be insanely proud of the man my father is.”

This photo may only have a few McCain’s present, but we can’t forget that Meghan comes from a big family. Heavy reports she has two siblings and four half-siblings. But so far, she seems to be the most vocal about his treatments and condition.

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7. Meghan’s mother tweeted that he’s doing well, but we’re still concerned

Cindy McCain's tweet.

Cindy McCain’s tweet might not be enough to console those who are worried about him. | Cindy McCain via Twitter

While Meghan might be the most outwardly vocal, John’s wife Cindy also reached out on social media from time to time. Here, she tweeted that her husband is recovering from his intestinal surgery. She also said she’s “looking forward to getting back to Hidden Valley!”

CNN reports in March, Cindy also tweeted that her husband has no intention of resigning, as he’s doing just fine. We’re hoping she’s right — though his hospitalizations and serious diagnosis aren’t giving the public any consolation.

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