Kelly Ripa Looks Amazing in a Bikini at 47 — Here Are Her Secrets

Recently, photos of Kelly Ripa in a bikini surfaced, courtesy of her husband Mark Consuelos’s Instagram account. While Ripa has always been a bit of a fitness fanatic, it seems that she’s now in better shape than ever — which, at 47, is no easy feat.

So how does she do it? Unsurprisingly, it does take a lot of effort to look that amazing. But Ripa has always been more than happy to share her secrets (check out page 5 for details on the diet she follows).

Ripa rocks a bikini

Kelly Ripa posing on a beach.

Mark Consuelos posted this photo on his Instagram account. | Mark Consuelos via Instagram

Recently, Ripa and Consuelos appeared to be on vacation. Consuelos posted a photo of Ripa in a bikini with the caption, “Sultry Sundays with the sexy one are my fave …”, and fans were quick to point out how incredible she looks. A few naysayers questioned whether she should be wearing a bikini at 47, but the majority of the commenters were quick to defend her choice.

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She never eats breakfast before her show

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan on 'Live with Kelly and Michael'.

Kelly doesn’t like to work on a full stomach. | ABC

While Ripa always cooks her three kids breakfast in the morning, she won’t eat herself until after her show has taped. She says she can’t focus her mind if her stomach is digesting. While skipping breakfast isn’t recommended by health experts, Ripa does eat some yogurt and granola after the show is done. She also grabs a triple shot skim latte before the show to fuel herself.

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Her healthy diet staples

Kelly Ripa posing on a red carpet in a black dress.

She enjoys eating healthy and nourishing foods. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

Staying healthy comes somewhat naturally to Ripa, a lifelong healthy eater. She’s a big fan of fruit, loves her Greek yogurt, and prefers to “eat clean” with nutritious, unprocessed food. These are all known belly flatteners, which would explain her enviable abs.

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She enjoys treats as well

Kelly Ripa's pies on Instagram.

She enjoys dessert just like anyone else. | Kelly Ripa via Instagram

While Ripa’s diet is very healthy, she’s always quick to stress that it isn’t perfect. She has called goldfish crackers “a wonderful snack that I’m addicted to” and is a self-proclaimed cheese addict. She just keeps her portions in check and doesn’t overdo it.

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The alkaline diet

Water and lemon slice on glass.

Her diet may seem strict, but there is room for flexibility. | Jjarih/iStock/Getty Images

A few years ago, Ripa started loosely following a high-alkaline diet, which involves eating mostly alkaline-promoting foods like vegetables, fruits, legumes, and seeds. While the diet is largely vegan-based, Ripa isn’t a vegan, nor is she entirely alkaline. She likes fish, cream in her coffee, wine, and of course, cheese.

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She exercises … a lot

Kelly Ripa posing while excising in a gym studio.

She enjoys staying active. | Kelly Ripa via Instagram

Ripa says that she has to workout, both for her body and her mind. She exercises four to six times per week, depending on her schedule.

“There are a lot of people that don’t have to work out, and I am so happy for them, but I have to work out for my body type,” she told People. “It’s part of my routine. It’s part of my ritual. It doesn’t just make me look better, but it makes me emotionally feel better.”

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She mixes it up

Kelly Ripa stretching on a yoga mat.

Yoga keeps her strong and focused. | Kelly Ripa via Instagram

Another key for maintaining Ripa’s svelte figure is to mix up her workouts. In the past, she’s enjoyed running, SoulCycle, and dance-cardio classes. She’s also a big fan of yoga.

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