Kim Jong Un Had This 1 Awful Habit During His Wild Teen Years

North Korea leader Kim Jong Un’s health has declined significantly in the years since he took on the role. This is likely due to a combination of factors, including his questionable dietary choices and an awful habit he’s had for over two decades (see page 7).

Since his teen years, he’s neglected to make his health a priority. It could cost him everything.

Alcohol is a staple of his daily diet

Try and imagine what $30 million worth of alcohol looks like. | Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

How much do you spend buying alcohol in a year? Definitely not millions. Kim Jong Un reportedly spends over $30 million a year on alcohol, especially whiskey and champagne. He doesn’t drink it all — he shares it with a few others. Still, that’s a lot of liquor for one liver to process.

This is just one of many terrible habits that could host Kim his life. Drinking too much alcohol might even increase your risk of developing up to seven different types of cancer.

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Red meat also isn’t out of the question

Kobe steak is incredibly expensive. | Lichaoshu/iStock/Getty Images

You’ve probably never heard of Kobe steaks — and you’ve most likely never eaten a real one. These expensive cuts of beef from Japan may never make it to your table, but they’ve met Kim Jong Un’s fork many times. In large amounts, red meat can be a health hazard — but he seems not to mind much.

When he’s not eating steak or ham, he’s been known to dine on highly processed meats like salami and pepperoni.

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His diet isn’t complete without sushi

Sushi roll maki on a fancy white dish.

Sushi can be healthy — but when eaten in high quantities, it can definitely cause weight gain. | Kamui29/iStock/Getty Images

Kim Jong Un’s father wasn’t the pinnacle of health, as he also had a taste for the extravagant which eventually led him to have a heart attack. And Kenji Fujimoto, the family’s sushi chef until 2001, reveals to the Daily Mail that Kim and his father both shared a love of sushi. Fujimoto explains Kim always enjoyed sushi made with a fatty part of tuna in his youth.

While sushi packed with veggies can be a healthy choice, the starchy white rice, high-fat fish, and high-sodium sauces can totally sabotage the benefits of the meal.

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A huge portion of his budget went to Brazilian coffee

Coffee beans | iStock/Getty Images

The Daily Mirror reports that Kim spent a whopping 715,000 pounds ($941,812) on fine Brazilian coffee in a single year. That’s a lot of cash to spend on a few cups of Joe — especially considering that North Korea’s capital Pyongyang is one of the few places you can’t find a Starbucks.

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He’s overweight

Kim Jong-Un’s weight has led to fewer public appearances. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

Dining on luxury meats, cheeses, and expensive wines have a negative impact on Kim’s health. Over the past few years, he has made fewer and fewer public appearances as a result.

Once a basketball player, he likely now suffers due to poor diet and his weight. Excess body fat due to high saturated fat intake can increase a person’s risk of dangerous health conditions like heart disease, stroke, and death.

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Kim Jong Un also eats a lot of cheese

Emmental cheese is delicious, but it shouldn’t be a staple of anyone’s diet. | Mariamarmar/iStock/Getty Images

The cheese currently sitting in your fridge begging for your attention probably won’t kill you. If you ate as much expensive cheese as the leader of North Korea, the outcome might not end in your favor.

Kim snacks regularly on something called Emmental cheese — a type of Swiss cheese made from whole milk that’s extremely high in saturated fat. It’s the kind of cheese often used to make fondue, which tastes amazing but does nothing amazing for your physical well-being.

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He started smoking as a teenager

He has a strong cigarette addiction. |

Kim Jong Un started smoking when he was 12 years old. Over 20 years later, he still relies on cigarettes and cigars to get him through the day.

He reportedly tried to give up the habit for a few months at one point, but his efforts were unsuccessful. He’s been caught smoking in places no one should — including a hospital and next to an engine full of highly combustible rocket fuel.

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His luxury cigarettes cost $44 per pack

Yves Saint Laurent cigarettes

Kim smokes “luxury” cigarettes from France. | YSL

The average cost of a pack of cigarettes throughout the United States hovers around $6, including cigarette taxes. Kim Jong Un chooses to put some of his billions toward higher-quality — and higher-priced — cigarettes.

The designer cigarettes he imports from France cost him about $44 a pack. He carries them in a case that costs over $150.

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North Korea has the highest global smoking mortality rate

An incredible amount North Koreans die of cigarette-related diseases every year. | ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images

North Korea’s leader isn’t the only one in the region with this bad habit. Over 30% of the male population and 22% of the female population in North Korea die as the result of smoking every year.

While many North Korean families cannot afford to maintain a balanced diet, cigarettes are more than affordable — and therefore easily accessible. The government has attempted to discourage the habit, but it’s highly unlikely their leader will be the one to set a good example.

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