This Is Kim Jong Un’s Shocking Escape Plan in the Event of a Nuclear War

North Korea has been threatening a nuclear attack on the United States for a while. Now, we’ve learned more about what would happen to Kim Jong Un if a nuclear war got started. You might be surprised to find out where he would hide (check out page 3), and how difficult experts say it would be to find him.

Is a nuclear war even likely?

Kim Jong Un inspects a weapon.

There is a lot going on. | STR/AFP/Getty Images.

Most experts think it’s not. The Washington Post reported that factors like geography, along with Trump and Kim’s intentions, are both reasons to think a war is not likely. Kim knows that a nuclear war would likely mean the end of the regime, which gives him a strong reason not to start trouble. For the U.S., a war would be extremely costly. That’s reason enough for decision-makers to steer clear.

Next: Experts said finding Kim would be harder than finding this man. 

Military experts say he’ll be harder to find than Osama Bin Laden

Kim Jong Un waving from a vehicle.

He wouldn’t be easy to capture. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

If Kim is forced to go into hiding in the event of a nuclear war, experts think he will be harder to find than terrorist mastermind Osama Bin Laden after the September 11 attacks. Very little is known about North Korea’s escape routes. Knowledge of the country can almost only be gained by outsiders or defectors. Satellites provide additional information, but not enough to tell us where Kim would be hiding.

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Kim would flee to North Korea’s large network of underground tunnels

Kim Jing Un sits at a table surrounded by his staff members.

He has plenty of places to hide underground. | STR/AFP/Getty Images

The U.S. would have so much trouble finding Kim because he would be hiding underground. North Korea has a massive network of underground tunnels that go all over the country. Some even lead into South Korea, known as invasion tunnels. The tunnels go very deep below ground, and little is known about them because of the U.S.’s lack of intel in the country. It would be difficult to determine where Kim was hiding, and his extreme security measures would only make it harder.

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North Korea experts say Kim would be ‘well taken care of’ in hiding

Kim Jon Un walks alongside his military students.

In hiding, he wouldn’t be starving and alone. | KNS/AFP/Getty Images

If Kim did have to escape a nuclear war, he would likely still get to indulge in his favorite treats while hiding. Aidan Foster-Carter, an expert on North Korea, told The Sun that Kim has already gone underground twice since August 2017, so he would be likely to do it again if he needed to. “I’m sure that wherever he goes, he’ll be provided for,” Foster-Carter added. Kim is known to spend millions of dollars on his favorite food and alcohol.

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… He’ll even have a lifetime supply of Emmental cheese

Emmental Cheese cut into cubes.

He wouldn’t go into hiding without a supply of his favorite cheese. | Mariamarmar/iStock/Getty Images

It is assumed that Kim developed his obsession with Emmental cheese when he was studying in Switzerland. He attended school under the alias “Pak-un” and said he was the son of an embassy employee. Supposedly, there would be a lifetime supply of cheese underground for him if he ever had to hide for an extended period of time. Foster-Carter said that Kim’s needs will be taken care of — evidently, his cheese obsession is no exception.

Next: Experts think there could be dozens of tunnels underground. 

It is feared there are as many as 84 tunnels under North Korea

A dark tunnel seen with light ahead.

American officials do not know much about these tunnels. | Arsgera/Getty Images

North Korea’s tunnel network is not small. In fact, experts believe there could be as many as 84 tunnels underneath the country. Plus, some of these tunnels give direct access to South Korea. Not only would it be extremely easy for Kim to hide in them, it would also be easy for him to cross the border. Plus, some of the tunnels are big enough to transport up to 30,000 troops per hour into South Korea in the event of an invasion.

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U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six is being trained to assassinate the dictator

Kim Jong Un sits at a table with a set of microphones in front of him.

Not an easy target to get to. | Stringer/AFP/Getty Images

Today, Navy SEALs are being trained in South Korea to kill Kim Jong Un if needed. South Korea’s defense ministry initially launched a plan to kill Kim. Since the fall of 2017, members of the U.S. military have been being trained as well. The announcement initially came after Kim launched his most powerful nuclear test to date. Now, the U.S. is preparing for the possibility of anything.

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