Kim Kardashian Shares ‘Perfect’ Family Photo But in Reality It’s a Complete Disaster

Holiday photos are one of those yearly traditions that nobody really wants to do but everyone knows they have to do. And the Kardashian-West family is no exception. Kim Kardashian posted a 2018 Easter photo with her family that shows how chaotic it is to have young children. Check out the photo on page 4.

Kardashian has said motherhood comes with its challenges

Kim Kardashian walking as she holds her baby.

She makes parenting look easy and flawless, but she’s gone through it all. | Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Kim has said that motherhood definitely comes with its share of difficulties. In 2017, the model took to her app to discuss the things that make motherhood a headache at times. She said it’s mostly getting the kids ready in the morning and dealing with their quick attitude changes that cause a lot of frustration. But she also said that every bit of motherhood is worth it and the little things bring her endless happiness.

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Kardashian and West welcomed a third child in early 2018

Saint West kissing his baby sister, Chi.

Saint loves being an older brother. | Kim Kardashian via Instagram

Kardashian said that two little kids running around was a lot to handle. But in January 2018, it became three. Kardashian and West welcomed baby number three, Chicago West, via surrogate. Kardashian announced the baby’s arrival on her app and said that she and her husband were extremely grateful to their surrogate for carrying the child. The model had struggled in her first two pregnancies and had a hard time conceiving.

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Holidays in the Kardashian family are always a big deal

The Kardashians don’t take holidays lightly. That’s easily understood just from their 2017 “25 Days of Christmas” photoshoot. (Every day of December, the family posted a new holiday photo.) It’s easy to say that the family has a thing for holidays. And while their 2017 Christmas photos were perfectly shot, Kardashian and West can’t say the same about their 2018 Easter photo.

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The Kardashian-West Easter photo proves they’re just a normal family

Kim Kardashian's family Easter photo.

They had a hectic and memorable Easter. | Kim Kardashian via instagram

Kardashian posted an Easter photo on her Instagram that we couldn’t help but smile at. It’s tough to deal with little kids, and Kardashian and West are all too familiar with that. When it comes to raising a family, we sometimes assume that the rich and famous know how to do it all. And while Kardashian does get some help from nannies, at the end of the day, she still tries to be the best mom she can be. Yes, that means forcing the whole family to take an Easter photo regardless of how difficult it might be. It’s all about the memories, right?

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Saint West is interested in something else

Kim Kardashian and Saint West during their Easter family photo shoot.

Saint also had a great time. | Kim Kardashian via Instagram

It’s not easy to keep a small child’s attention for more than three seconds. And clearly the photographer wasn’t moving quickly enough with Saint West. Unfortunately, the little guy was caught up in something else for the majority of the photos, since the only one Kardashian posted showed him interested in something else. But at least he seems like he’s in a decent mood (although Kardashian did say all the kids started crying shortly after).

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North West tried to keep the peace, but Chicago West wanted sleep

North Wes posing with her mother, Kim Kardashian West and Chicago.

North West is a pro at posing for photos by now. | Dash Universe via Instagram

We’ll give Chicago a pass on this one, since she’s not even three months old in the photo. And we all know that infants seem to both sleep and wake up at the most inconvenient times. Thankfully, North West, the other daughter in the family, looks like she’s trying to keep the peace. Even if it means stepping on her mom’s foot in the process. The toddler held up a peace sign during the photo, so it seemed like at least one of the kids was enjoying themselves in that moment.

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Kanye West looks like his wife forced him to get in the picture

A close up of the Kardashian Easter family photo.

The perfect family portrait?  Even the Kardashian-West clan couldn’t pull it off easily. | Kim Kardashian via Instagram

It could be the way the sun is shining directly in everyone’s face, but West just doesn’t look happy in this picture. Perhaps he hadn’t gotten to pick out the perfect outfit yet before Kardashian forced him to get in the photo. Either way, he completes the Kardashian-West Easter chaos. At least Kardashian looks great.

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