Kourtney Kardashian Has Revealed the Details of Her Diet — And It Sounds Impossible

The Kardashians have made headlines for many reasons over the years, but one of the top topics tends to be the secrets of how the sisters stay slim. From Khloe’s transformation to Kim’s incredible postpartum weight loss journeys, the fitness tips of the family have been well documented. Kourtney always seems to have a Paparazzi-perfect figure, and as it turns out, it doesn’t come easily.

Kourtney follows a squeaky clean diet to stay slim, and to the average person, it sounds pretty unrealistic.

Let’s start with the detox

Kourtney drinks coffee through a straw.

She decided to take on a challenging detox. | Giphy

In 2017, Kourtney admitted she was doing frequent detoxes because her doctor found high levels of mercury and lead in her system. To keep her body in a state of ketosis, a metabolic state the burns fat fast, she follows an extremely restrictive eating plan that consists of three low-carb, high protein meals with just the right amount of fatty acids. If this sounds tough to follow, that’s because it is.

No fruit?!?

Kourtney crosses her arms and sits on a purple chair.

If she’s gonna do it, she’s gonna do it with effort. | Giphy

Kourtney has had to cut fruit almost entirely out of her diet due to its carbohydrate content. When she’s detoxing, she typically starts her day with an avocado smoothie that contains avocados, non-dairy milk, and honey. Lunch and dinner consist of lean proteins and veggies. Following dinner, Kourtney isn’t allowed to have breakfast for 14 to 16 hours.

There’s also a fasting day

Kourtney Kardashian poses in front of a backdrop.

The strict diet is responsible for her famous hot mom bod. | Chris Delmas/AFP/Getty Images

As if Kourtney’s detox diet wasn’t already restrictive enough, when she’s following the plans, she fasts once a week and drinks only water and bone broth. She tries to stay busy on those days, she’s said, and if she’s home, she steers clear of the kitchen to avoid temptation.

Grains and legumes are also forbidden

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When Kourtney is following her detox diet, she must eat low carb — and that means avoiding foods that are traditionally thought to be healthy and diet-friendly. Beans, grains, and legumes are off limits, and as one might expect, so is gluten.

Snacks are allowed, but only if she’s starving

Almonds in a brown bowl.

Almonds are always an easy snack. | YelenaYemchuk

Kourtney tries to be diligent about not snacking while she’s on her diet, but she won’t let herself starve, either. She’ll curb her hunger with a handful of almonds if she needs them.

Even her ‘normal’ diet is extremely healthy

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Even when Kourtney isn’t detoxing, to say that she watches what she eats is an understatement. She always tries to steer clear of gluten, dairy, sugar, and red meat, so to her, the detox might not be as tough as it is for the rest of us — this woman didn’t even last two full days when she tried it. Luckily, Kourtney allows herself to break her rules during special occasions or when she goes on vacation — with a diet that restrictive, taking occasional breaks is healthy.

Don’t try this at home

Kourtney Kardashian eats while sitting at a table.

Don’t even think about it. | Giphy

If you’re thinking about attempting an extreme diet like Kourtney’s, you should definitely talk to your doctor first. Her detox diet is strictly monitored by medical professionals, and her goal was mainly to get the heavy metals out of her system. This plan may not be the best for everyone.

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