How to Manage a Larger Bust Size When Working Out

From popping buttons on a collared shirt to back pain while running, a large bust doesn’t come without its pitfalls. And some of the biggest frustrations of being well-endowed are most noticeable when a woman is working out. Big-chested women are dealing with a whole lot more than just wandering eyeballs when they’re trying to work up a good sweat, too. If you’ve experienced any exercise challenges due to your cup size, here’s what you need to know.

Breasts can be an obstacle for adequate exercise

woman with ponytail workout leg swing doing yoga

A larger bust can get in the way of working out |

If you’ve ever felt as though having a bigger chest has hindered your ability to work out, you’re not alone. According to one study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, large breasts can serve as a common excuse for not wanting to work out. In the study, 17% of women said their bust was a barrier to physical activity participation. The most common frustrations were not being able to find the right sports bra or feeling self-conscious about jiggling too much. But don’t let those insecurities get the best of you. We’re here to help you figure out what you can do to overcome the annoyances of working out with a big chest.

Change up your workout location

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Biking not only provides a low-impact workout, but it delivers great scenery |

It’s no news a larger bust garners a considerable amount of attention. Whether it be in the media or walking down the street, big chests have turned heads since, well, the beginning of time. So, it should come as no surprise women with ample cleavage may feel a bit self-conscious when they draw so many glances.

Choose less crowded areas to get your sweat on, PopSugar suggests. Hit up hiking trails in the woods or a local bike path. Alternatively, make a habit of working out with some of your closest friends, so you don’t feel as though all eyes are on you.

Get a supportive bra

When you’re doing any sort of HIIT training, your chest takes a beating, there’s no doubt about that. Every woman knows the importance of keeping her breasts nice and snug, and there’s only one way to do that — a dependable sports bra. Considering the fact your bra straps are the only thing holding your girls up, you’ll want to have strong, thick straps. Additionally, if you’re really going for it, pairing a dependable bra with a workout tank that also has a built-in shelf bra will further help reduce bouncing.

Try a sports bra company that creates designs based on research, like Moving Comfort. Proper fit and carefully considered features will prove a necessary asset to keeping your chest happy from warm-up to cool-down.

Do plenty of upper and lower back exercises

fit and athletic young woman is performing a plank exercise

Planks can help strengthen your core and ease back pain |

If you’re not a candidate for, or even interested in, breast reduction surgery, there are other ways in which you can effectively reduce the back pain that usually accompanies an ample bust. To strengthen your back, prevent fatigue, and help keep you standing upright, focus on exercising your core to help stabilize your spine. As Victoria Barnaby, an athlete with the Greater Boston Track Club, told Runner’s World, functional core strengthening exercises that work multiple muscles through various planes of motion are best. For example, try incorporating planks with alternating leg raises, stability ball moves, and abdominal twists into your daily workout routine.

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