LeBron James Takes Ridiculously Good Care of His Body — Even for an NBA Superstar

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The NBA’s biggest player just left the Cleveland Cavaliers after four consecutive years (eleven total) and entered into a four-year ($154 million) contract with the Los Angeles Lakers. Lebron James‘ historic career is all anyone can talk about — but what about the steps he took to get there?

Regardless of where his professional alliance lies, there’s a personal relationship James will never break: the one with his body. Even the NBA world is in awe of James’ ridiculous shape. So, what does the athlete’s day look like in terms of diet and exercise?

He treats his body as a long-term investment

The 33-year-old played all 82 games in the 2017-2018 regular season … a personal career record for most games played for James. If James was any other player, many say he’d be past his peak performance … but he isn’t your typical professional athlete.

James’ attitude toward his body and self-care is what sets him above the rest. He treats his health and wellness as a long-term investment — one that will pay off in the long run, even after he retires from the NBA.

LeBron James smiles during a game against the Wizards.

LeBron James playing for the Cavs. | Jason Miller/Getty Images

So how does James tackle this “long-term investment” head-on? Money, time, and the best professional advice and assistance his millions can buy.

He transferred his home into a personal training facility

Last year, James bought a $23 million Brentwood, California mansion — another indicator he would transfer to the Lakers. The home has a full gym, ice tub, hot tub, and hyperbaric chamber. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy acts as a treatment for decompression sickness, infections, and wounds from diabetes. James uses the therapy to treat his back which has minor disc issues.

He doesn’t just stock the home gym with weights and machines; James keeps scientists and coaches on hand as well. His team includes a former Navy SEAL who acts as his biomechanist, the Cavs’ team of physical coaches and trainers (soon to be replaced with the Lakers’ team, we’d assume), a recovery coach, and masseuses.

James says he works out about 5 days a week in the off-season and 7 days a week during the season. He told Business Insider how he mixes up his exercises to keep things interesting.

“Sometimes I stay at home and work out. Sometimes I’ll go to an actual class. I’ve been to, like, VersaClimber classes, or spinning classes. I do pilates as well. So, it kind of varies depending on how I’m feeling. During the season, we’re playing basketball every single day, and we’re working on our bodies every day. So I don’t get the opportunity to do the classes as much because we’re doing a lot of traveling.”

His personal chefs curate his diet

James has a fairly simple pre-game meal: a (whole) chicken breast and some pasta. “The carbs help because you’re going out and playing a lot of minutes,” James said. He’ll follow the meal up with a protein shake or fruit before he hits the court.

James includes plenty of vegetables in his diet as well. He refuses to eat fatty and high-sugar foods before he plays a game. “… as far as pies or pizza and sandwiches and french fries — I can’t. I’ll wait for that after the game. I can’t do that before the game,” he said. One of James’ professional team members is his personal chef who makes sure each meal is made to his specifications.

Cleveland Cavaliers v New Orleans Pelicans

LeBron James in New Orleans, Louisiana. | Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

James revealed how frequently he works on his health

“It’s every day. Around the clock every single day, working on my body,” James told Windhorst. “Either with treatment or working on my body in the weight room. Continuing just to build strength throughout the season when everybody else is kind of tearing down … not putting too much pounding on my legs when I’m on the court, but being very efficient. I’ve kind of figured that out in my 15th season.”

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