4 Lies People Have on Their Online Dating Profiles

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We all lie from time to time, but some lies tend to have a greater impact than others. One place where lying seems to be the norm is online dating. Many profiles are riddled with tiny fibs that are often revealed during the first in-person meeting.

A study conducted by researchers at Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found roughly 80% of online daters lie. The most common ones are about appearance.  After surveying participants on dating sites such as Match.com and Webdate, the results showed lying is quite common in the virtual dating world. The researchers concluded online daters feel pressure to exaggerate to increase their chances of attracting a potential partner.

Dating and relationship expert Marc Evan Katz said even though lying isn’t right, you shouldn’t be too surprised or angry when you discover your date did. “Given that 81% of people lie, I think it’s time to stop getting so bent out of shape when they do, and simply assume that everyone is fudging a little bit — some, more than others.” He said on his blog. “At the end of the day, it’s better to be pleasantly surprised when someone does tell the truth than bitterly disappointed when he doesn’t. It’s too predictable to get angry about.”

If you’re about to embark on an online dating adventure, just be aware you might catch your date in a fib or two. Here are four lies most commonly seen in an online dating profile.

1. Marital status

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Is a recent dating prospect too good to be true? Watch out: he or she might be married. Surprisingly (or not), some online daters lie about their marital status. So next time you go out with someone you met online, make sure to look for signs your date is hitched. A ring-finger tan line, a wallet full of family photos, and being overly concerned about getting home at a certain time could be red flags.

2. Height

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Apparently, some male online daters buy into society’s message that taller is better. When it comes to height, men are more likely to stretch the truth. According to the aforementioned study, men generally increased their height by up to a half inch.

3. Weight

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The research showed women have a tendency to describe themselves as eight pounds less than they actually are. Men, the researchers discovered, also lie about their weight. But, they were a bit more conservative. Men only deducted about two pounds from their actual weight.

4. Financial status

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Dating research conducted in 2010 found, when it comes to online dating, women care about how much a man makes. Consequently, some men feel pressure to misrepresent their financial status when seeking love online. Don’t be surprised if that six-digit salary turns out to be a fabrication.

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