Life Hacks: 8 Ways to Have a Healthier and Happier Work Week

Your workday is stressful. The weekend is calling your name, but first you need to get through the week. Why are we always waiting for the weekend when we should be enjoying every day? Maybe we all need to put a little more effort into our weekdays to make them happier and healthier. Here are some simple life hacks to try for a happier and healthier work week.

1. Choose one caffeine vice

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America is a nation of coffee addicts, and many of us would not be able to get through our days without it. That said, find one source of caffeine (soda, tea, or coffee), and stick to it. As long as you stick to your chosen source, caffeine has a multitude of benefits, such as preventing type-2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. It also helps stimulate hair growth.

In addition, a study conducted but the Brazilian Journal of Medical Biological Research, showed that caffeine also boosts memory consolidation. Coffee might even have a hand in your moving up the corporate ladder by giving you the energy you need to succeed.

2. Always take the stairs

Walking up stairs

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If your office is on the 30th floor, I understand if you don’t want to hike up 30 flights of stairs, but why not try walking up 5 to 10 flights and then taking the elevator? It’s incredible what just a little bit of movement does for your brain. It gets your blood flowing, plus, you won’t need to stand in awkward silence (for most of the way, at least) in the elevator. Dr. Judy Cameron explains: “You’re getting more oxygen to your brain, and you’re getting more nutrients. More blood flow to the brain means that cells have more fuel to operate.” And you’ll have a more productive day at work.

3. Instead of going to get lunch on your lunch break, sneak away to the gym

Getting in a quick workout can make you feel amazing, and help to ease some of the stress from your week. Even a nice 20-minute workout can do wonders for your health and attitude.

4. Pick out your clothes the night before

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Not only does it mean that you can sleep a little later because you won’t be rummaging through your closet to figure out what to wear to work, but it also alleviates unnecessary stress. Make sure to iron your clothes the night before as well. You’ll feel more confident and stylish because you had time to pull everything together.

5. Get rid of the lights

That also means your late-night “I can’t sleep” Internet usage on your phone, obsessively scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. If you cover all light sources, including your windows so that your bedroom is in complete darkness, you can fall asleep easier and get more sleep. That means, don’t sleep with the TV on. Also, try and stick to a sleep schedule. You’ll feel more rested and happier.

6. Put your phone on the other side of the room while you sleep

This is one of my favorite hacks. If you set your morning alarm on your phone, which the majority of us do, place it far enough away from you, but not too far so that you can’t hear the alarm, so when it goes off in the morning you have to get out of bed to turn it off. Not hitting the snooze means you’ll actually be more awake, and getting up when you’re supposed to means you won’t be rushing (which is extremely stressful) or late to work. You’re welcome.

7. Limit your alcohol intake during the week

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Although happy hours are truly the happiest of hours, try and avoid the beer and shot deal and limit your alcohol intake to 1 to 2 after-work drinks. Coming in hung over the next morning will not only make the day go by slower but you’ll be truly miserable and have a pounding headache. Not only is binge drinking not healthy, but alcohol can affect your sleep.

When you drink alcohol close to bed time, you go into a deep sleep, missing out on the first stage of sleep, which is REM sleep. “Deep sleep is when the body restores itself, and alcohol can interfere with this,” explains Dr. John Shneerson, head of the sleep center at Papworth Hospital in Cambridge. This is also why you usually feel tired after a night of drinking.

8. Get a re-usable water bottle

“Water is the essence of wetness and wetness is the essence of beauty,” says Ben Stiller’s character, Derek Zoolander, in the movie Zoolander. Water is good for you: It cleanses your system and keeps you hydrated and happy. Never leave home without it.

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