Lightbulbs, Fidget Spinners, and Other Unexpected Things People Have Eaten

When you think about the things you should never eat, you probably don’t consider inedible substances. People have consumed many weird things for a number of equally strange reasons. From accidental swallowing to uncontrollable ingestion, these are the unexpected things people have eaten — and why you shouldn’t follow in their footsteps.

A car

Used Car Sales Lot

You’d hope he at least went for a Mini Cooper. | Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Leon Samson is known for many strange accomplishments, most notably that he once bet someone $30,000 he could eat a whole car. He ended up eating the entire metal outer body of the car by cutting the steel down into small pieces. Unfortunately, he moved before completing the project.

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Dirty diapers

Pile of diapers

This is something no one should ever eat. | Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Eating something like this doesn’t sound like anything you’d normally do. That’s the probable driving force behind eating a dirty diaper — not having control over a sudden impulse to do so.

Pica is a rare type of eating disorder in which people ingest objects they otherwise wouldn’t. These items — such as hair, dirt, shoes, and yes, even dirty diapers — typically have little to no nutritional value and can even cause significant health problems.

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rock wall in field

You’d hope they were at least small ones. | Eric Jones/Wikimedia Commons

Pica might be behind one woman’s addiction to eating rocks, despite the devastating consequences to the health of both her and her unborn baby. At the time, she explained that her desire to consume rocks from her backyard felt like a pregnancy craving, even causing her mouth to water at the sight of them. Her child was underweight at birth due to the resulting malnutrition.

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A researcher collects a bee from a hive

Ouch! | Natalie Behring/Getty Images

If you were desperate enough to survive, you could probably roast a deceased bee and be perfectly fine. You’d probably never consider eating a live bee, though — but this guy did.

There are cultures that eat bees and other insect larvae regularly as part of their diets without any problems. Obviously, eating a live bee whether accidentally or at will — stringer still intact — poses much more of a threat to your overall health.

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A cellphone

Male dialing a number on a celluar device

Eating your phone just can’t be good for you. |

There has been at least one attempt to create an edible cellphone — for environmental reasons, of course. If you ate your iPhone right now, though, you’d be in trouble. Plastic and electronic materials don’t mix well with human biology, especially when they’re hanging out in your digestive tract.

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Antique Light Bulbs

We’d advise against this for breakfast. |

What do you typically eat for breakfast? Probably not a lightbulb, which was Wang Xianjun’s questionable menu choice — over 1,500 times. He didn’t notice any adverse effects, but you probably wouldn’t be so lucky. Simply put, eating glass is bad. Do not do it.

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young african woman sitting at cafe

Chewing on your pen is one thing; eating it is another. |

Chewing on your pen cap or holding your pen in your mouth probably won’t hurt you. Just don’t swallow it. Surprisingly, the ink isn’t necessarily the dangerous part. Plastic nears the top of the list of things humans should not swallow.

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Fidget spinners

Fidget Spinners

Keep this toy out of your mouth. | efetova/iStock/Getty Images

Fidget spinners were the toy that dominated 2017, but they made many headlines for the worst possible reason. Younger kids especially were prone to swallowing and choking on pieces of their fidget spinners after putting them in their mouths.

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