This Link Between Exercise and Cheating Will Make You Question Everything

Exercise is often associated with its positive benefits — in fact, if you want to stay healthy, it’s vital. And in addition to enjoying the benefits yourself, having a significant other who works out means you’ll reap all the benefits of a healthy partner.

But there may be a dark side to having a partner who practically lives at the gym, and it has nothing to do with health or fitness.

First, the positive statistics …

Workout with your partner? You’re in luck! |

If you and your partner are both committed to wellness, don’t panic. Research confirms couples who exercise together stay together longer and stay on track with their fitness goals. Having a significant other who cares about their health and fitness isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially if you’re also dedicated to yours.

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… And now, the bad news

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If there’s a sudden interest in working out, there could be something else going on. |

If your partner has always been dedicated to working out, there’s probably no reason for concern. But if you’ve noticed a sudden new interest in personal appearance, including exercising more frequently, that’s often one of the telltale signs that your other half is cheating — or at least thinking about it. And results of a recent poll could confirm this classic sign of infidelity.

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The real reason for that fitness motivation

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Are people working out to look good for their lovers? |

A recent survey of 1,100 members of the extramarital dating site Ashley Madison found almost three-quarters of respondents exercised primarily to keep their “other” partners interested. Rather than wanting to stay healthy, live longer, or look good for their spouses, they were driven to the gym to look good for their lovers.

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The ‘at the gym’ excuse

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Is the “at the gym” line really a cover for something else? | KudzuVine/Wikimedia Commons

Does your sweetie spend an awful lot of time at the gym without seeing results? Sadly, that might be because “the gym” is just an excuse for time spent with someone else. According to a previous Ashley Madison study, “going to the gym” is the fifth most common excuse cheaters use to meet their extramarital partner. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean your other half is working out in a different way than what they’re telling you. But if the other signs are there, you’ve got a good reason to be suspicious.

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Meeting someone at the gym

Lots of people are looking for love at the gym. | Antonio Diaz/iStock/Getty Images

So, your partner isn’t cheating on you and is actually at the gym when they say they are. But that doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. According to Ashley Madison data, the gym is a popular place to meet someone. In fact, apparently watching other people exercise can be a big turn-on for both women and men. Perhaps this is reason enough to make workout dates together.

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The link between staying fit and being unfaithful

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What’s your partner’s goal for working out? |

Last but certainly not least, a study by Harvard, La Verne, and Santa Clara universities found physically attractive people have shorter relationships, are more likely to get divorced, and express more of an interest in making extramarital connections. By this logic, getting into great shape will make your partner more likely to cheat simply because they will be found more attractive by others.

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Attractive, fit couples are not doomed

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Fit couples do stay together. |

While the link between exercise and cheating is clear, that doesn’t mean your relationship is doomed if one or both of you is committed to staying fit (and looking attractive). While there is no way to affair-proof a marriage, there are plenty of things you can to do help keep your union healthy. Making each other feel special and valued and embracing the art of forgiveness are great places to start. Also, it might be fun (and sexy) to make getting in shape something you do together.

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