Live an Inspired Life: 3 Habits to Start Doing Now

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Inspiration is more of a practice than a feeling. Inspiration is the state you achieve when you do exactly what you want to do most; it is decided by how frequently you pursue your passions and how well you plan for them. Inspiration is a way of life that transcends feeling, but the feeling serves to inform you of your greatest accomplishments waiting just around the corner.

If you make inspired living a habit, your eyes will perceive the opportunities to create where others would see nothing. In the last installment of our inspirational series, we reveal three ways you can automatically boost the level of inspiration in your life.

1. Throw away your TV

I don’t care if you just bought it, if it’s 1080p, if you’ve got Apple TV or any kind of service subscription… throw it out. TV destroys creativity in so many ways: Eveything on TV tells you to be just like everyone else, to do exactly what everyone else is doing, and to proclaim your uniqueness by purchasing things that have been labeled as fashionable or in vogue by the people who profit from your spending.

As if uniformity weren’t bad enough, the average American watches 4-6 hours of television per day… no, that is not a joke. The highest performers in the world wish they could have an extra 10 minutes in a day while some squander as much time as it takes for other people to run two marathons — watching TV.

2. Connect all of your goals with a holistic plan

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It’s hard to live an inspired life when everything in your life is disconnected. So you must discipline your mind to come up with a plan that satisfies all your needs, aspirations, dreams, passions, and talents together, and in such a way that each aspect benefits every other part of the plan. This may sound like a lot, and it is, but you are more than equipped to do it, and all it takes is focus, hard work and imagination. Actually, you’ll definitely need a lot of paper and some ink.

Take the time to know your innermost needs and truth by devoting yourself to a daily journal. Writing down your goals and dreams is one step closer to seeing them come to fruition, and the more goals you have on paper, the easier it is to connect them all. Journaling has also proven to reduce stress. And the less stress you have, the more inspiration you have access to.

I find that connecting my work and passion of writing with becoming a better man, preparing to be the best husband I can be, connecting deeply with my community, enhancing the value I offer to the world, and having fun satisfies every single need and goal of mine while I do the thing that I love most. Inspiration has a lot to do with energy, so the more you can interconnect your goals and dreams and needs with various passions, the more your energy will be multiplied, the more efficient you will be, and the more inspired you will be.

3. Tap into your sexual desire

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If you want to tap into sexual desire’s unlimited potential for inspiration, do these things:

  • Write letters to your future spouse. When you are focused on your future, your energy will naturally flow to your goal. Keeping your spouse (or future spouse) in your thoughts and on your mind will open up doorways into higher forms of creativity.
  • Strive for your best in everything you do. We are creative beasts that simply aren’t designed for mediocrity. With all the bad happening in the world, creative solutions are needed from inspired people like you all around the world. Putting forth your best effort opens the door to inspiration, whereas half-assing shuts it. Whether it’s making your bed, trimming your beard, or putting the finishing touches on your masterpiece: Do. Your. Best.
  • Allow yourself to be inspired by beautiful people. In this culture of shame, we’re taught it’s impossible to look at attractive people both sexually and respectfully at the same time. So we cave into lust and pretend like there isn’t any other way. Appreciate people’s good looks, but also focus on the whole person. Be moved by their beauty and personality.

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