Live an Inspired Life: How to Break Through

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Inspiration is more of a practice than a feeling. Inspiration is the state you achieve when you do exactly what you want to do most; it is decided by how frequently you pursue your passions and how well you plan for them. Inspiration is a way of life that transcends feeling, but the feeling serves to inform you of your greatest accomplishments waiting just around the corner.

If you make inspired living a habit, your eyes will perceive the opportunities to create where others would see nothing. Follow this series of articles to learn more about inspiration and how you can create a lifestyle that supports inspired living.

Breaking through to inspiration

Inspiration, like all worthy things, can be mastered with effort and persistence. If you endeavor to make inspiration a habit and lifelong practice, you can live with more freedom and satisfaction than you had ever dreamed of attaining by any other rote formula. But the hitch is that no one can tell you how to be inspired. This makes inspired living an exceedingly difficult challenge that very few ever fully appreciate.

No two inspired lifestyles are alike

My inspiration is completely different from yours because my talents and passions prejudice my idea of the gateway to creation. For me, inspiration is the discipline of meditating and priming my mind in the morning, followed by a moving meditation, then a workout, walk, breakfast, reading, and finally, writing.

The discipline and structure of my day enables me to widen the gateway of creativity so that I can come to it whenever I please. But at the same time, the inspiration comes at a cost. I can’t loaf around all day and expect others to inspire me, and I have to maintain constant vigilance about my purpose in life, how I am bettering myself, and what value I am bringing to others.

Your version of inspiration could look night-and-day different than mine, but the discipline would be the same. You might not even do the same thing every day, but the sacrifice would remain. How I’ve best discovered to widen the gates of creativity is to start my day with inspired living. When I meditate, when I review my thoughts and feelings, I make myself receptive to my needs and want, however subtle they may be. The small ideas I get when I start my day with mindfulness end up being inspiration for my writing work later on, and I build on them as I translate mindfulness into the next activity.

Through discipline, my mind is focused on supporting the arches of inspiration. After my morning routine of making sacrifices for my body, mind, and spirit, I dive into my work. I write about the tiny glimpses of truth I happened upon during my routine, and I elaborate. The harder I work, the more ideas come to me and the more rapidly they flow. When I start my days like this, I can control my flow of inspiration and relaxation throughout the day as my body suggests is appropriate. Some days I’ll write for three to four hours right off the bat, other days I’ll write for an hour, read some, write another hour, and play some. But the point is that I work my ass off so that I can do what I love. Without the hard work, focus, and plans for greater success, I would have no inspiration.

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Your inspiration

If you want inspiration on demand, try looking for as many different sacrifices you can make to do the things you love the most. You don’t have to go full-Paganini to achieve significant levels of inspiration, but you should devote at least two hours to the things you love each day. If you have a full-time job, then one of the sacrifices you’ll get to make is cutting back on TV or sleep to commit to your passions.

I don’t care if it’s golf, bowling, or underwater basket weaving, whatever it is that you are most passionate about, you must pursue it. If you have to work overtime, take up a second job for a while, or sell your prized beanie baby collection to get the freedom you need to do what you love, well, that’s where the sacrifices are and where inspiration comes from. The gate of inspiration is as wide as you are willing to make it, but I do have some helpful suggestions that will increase your habit of inspired living.

Read the list of habits you can make to live a truly inspired life in the final installment of this series.

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