How to Make Your Running Workouts More Exciting

Even the most dedicated of runners can get bored with their exercise of choice from time to time. Just like anything else in life, it can become mundane. And although running comes with a laundry list of benefits, that boredom can be hard to shake. When you find it hard to keep yourself excited about your once favorite sweaty pastime, just remember, there are ways to reinvigorate your workout. Here’s how you can make your running workouts more exciting.

1. Sign up for a race

color run runners

A fun run is a great way to make your running workouts more exciting | Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images for Dulux

Fun runs are nothing new, but have you ever actually entered one yourself? Even if you’re a veteran marathoner, you’d be surprised at just how much fun you can really have at an adventure race. During a fun run, there’s more of a laid back attitude and less of a competitive drive to set your personal best. You’ll laugh, dress up in a colorful costume, and more times than not, be greeted with beer at the finish line. And in reality, isn’t that the real reason anyone participates in a race in the first place? It really makes you wonder how you were ever motivated to run track in high school.

2. Run with a Frisbee

People playing ultimate frisbee

People playing ultimate frisbee | Phil Mislinski/Getty Images

Of course you could simply play a game of Frisbee with a partner or two, but what about running after one when your going it alone? Well, it could be a great option for upping the fun factor of your running workout, Shape says.  The next time you go out for a run, ditch your usual running path and head to the park, or any open space, with a Frisbee in hand. Toss it about, chase it, sprint after it, dive for it, whatever. You’ll be forced to change directions, and switch up your typical running pattern. Alternatively, if you have a running partner with you, keep to your route, but toss the Frisbee back and forth to each other as you run.

3. Treat yourself to some new kicks

Woman wearing neon pink athletic shoes

Getting new kicks can seriously inspire you to up your running game |

Sure, there may be an actual science behind the perfect running shoe, but what about simply wanting to treat yourself? At the risk of sounding superficial here, there’s something to be said about just getting plain bored with your attire. After all, uninspired gear can often result in uninspired workouts.

If you find yourself in a serious runner’s slump, don’t shy away from sprucing up the old sneaker collection. Oh, and make sure you promise yourself that you’re only allowed to don those fresh kicks if you’re going for a run. (Dashing out to happy hour definitely counts as running.) Not only will you actually want to go for more runs, you’ll be proud flashing that fancy footwork all over town.

4. When in doubt, belt it out

woman running with ipod

Go ahead, shout til you drop |

Short of mixing up your favorite workout playlist (how many times can you get inspired by Kanye’s “The New Workout Plan” on repeat?), Women’s Running suggests actually singing along. It’s just like karaoke, but with a little more huffing and puffing. Running already releases endorphins, so why not make a ball of it and bust out a tune along with your favorite artist? Bonus points for turning heads and giving people something to laugh about, er, we mean applaud.