Want Arms Like Mark Wahlberg? Do These 3 Arm Exercises

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

If your goal is to build big arms and boulder shoulders, you are not alone.  If you think of the most famous hollywood studs with the best arms, it won’t take you long to think of Mark Wahlberg. 

Although getting arms like Marky Mark may seem impossible, the reality is that Wahlberg is just like you, he gets jacked one rep at a time. 

The key to getting arms worth showing off is by making sure you establish a well balanced upper body and back workout routine. Once you have the routine down, it is important to complete reps with full ranges, even if this means to have to start with lighter weight and less reps before building up to your full potential.

Here are some great exercises that will help you build both a routine and lead you to stronger arms, back, and finally those boulder shoulders. 

1. Upright Barbell Row

standing row, traps, barbell

Man performing upright row | Source: iStock

Barbell rows are great workouts to target not only your shoulders but also your back, biceps, abs and delts says Muscle & FitnessWith exercises that target multiple muscle groups, getting all benefits is dependent on your overall form.

According to the site to complete this workout, grab a loaded barbell with an overhand grip.  Then, with your legs shoulder width apart pull the barbell up towards your chest.  Control the weight and keep it as close to your body as possible.  Bring the weight only up to your chest, hold it there for a few seconds then bring it down in a controlled manner. 

Once you have the basic movement down, you can experiment with weight and reps.  Also, always remember that all muscle groups are properly warmed up before trying to complete this exercise.

2. Incline Dumbbell Curl

Barbells, weights

Dumbbells, which are perfect for curls | Source: iStock

According to Bodybuilding.com, there are two different ways to ways to create killer biceps, you can add shape, and you can add size. 

“Also associated with the biceps, although not part of their anatomical structure, are the brachialis and brachioradialis, muscles that are situated on the side of the arm between biceps and triceps, and connect the main bicep muscle to the forearm respectively,” the site says.

A great exercise to target all the different areas of the bicep and build overall mass is the incline dumbbell curl. 

To complete this exercise, sit on an inclined bench, holding two dumbbells down and back at neutral position. Then curl both dumbbells up at the same time, rotating your wrist as the weight is raised.

Once again, the weight you choose is crucial as well as the range of motion.  Making sure you go down full range at a controlled pace will help you avoid injury and gain the most mass possible. 

3. Dips

Muscular male in a white sleeveless shirt

Dips are great for building muscle | Source: iStock

The final key to Marky Mark sized arms is killing the tricep game. “Your triceps comprise more than two-thirds of your upper-arm mass,” BJ Gaddour, a Fitness Advisor, tells Men’s Health. “So building thicker, more developed triceps muscles makes your entire arms look more like shotguns than pistols.”

To do dips, hold yourself up on parallel bars and cross your legs.  Slowly and in control, lower your body until your elbows are at least 90 degrees,  then raise yourself back up.  If you find this too easy, then you can put a weight belt on, or wear a weighted vest. 

You can do dips in sets of specific reps, or until failure depending on how hard or easy they are for you. 

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