Is Matt Lauer’s Marriage Doomed? The Secrets Behind His Love Life, Revealed

All eyes are on Matt Lauer since the sexual assault allegations and his Today show firing. And while we’ve been keeping tabs on NBC’s next moves, we also have this one question in mind: What about his marriage? Lauer and Annette Roque have a long-term relationship that’s certainly struggled in the past. But nothing compares to the rocky patch they hit now.

So, will the Lauer family stay together, or is it destined to crash and burn? We have the story here.

1. Matt and Annette have been married for 19 years

Annette Roque and Matt Lauer in 2000.

Annette Roque and Matt Lauer have been through it all. | George De Sota/Liaison

How did Matt meet his Dutch, ex-model wife, anyway? Town & Country notes they went on a blind date in 1997 after a stylist set them up, and they wed the following year. Now, they’ve been married for 19 years and have three children together.

This wasn’t Lauer’s first marriage, either, as some may recall he was wedded to Nancy Alspaugh from ’81 to ’88. And interestingly enough, Newsweek reports Alspaugh describes him as a “giving” and “charming” man, and she’s doubtful the allegations against him are true.

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2. Roque has been described as ‘painfully frail’ and reclusive

Matt Lauer on the 'Today' show.

The scandals and allegations against Lauer have taken a toll on Annette.  | NBC

There’s a reason you don’t see much of Roque in the limelight. Page Six explains her and Lauer have lived virtually separate lives for the last decade — and she’s even described as quite the recluse. When she goes out to eat, she’s always with her husband and one other couple, says one source in the restaurant world. And the source also described her as “painfully frail.”

This is quite different than how people viewed her when she first married Lauer, however. She kept a close eye on her husband while on a Today special just five weeks after their honeymoon, leading many to believe he was catering to her demands.

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3. Lauer’s infidelity is being brought to light once again

Matt Lauer standing on a red carpet.

This might have destroyed his wife. | Jason Kempin/Getty Images for The Rolling Stones

In July 2000, Variety reports Lauer invited a Today show intern out to lunch. While Addie Collins, the intern, thought it’d be a good opportunity to ask for career advice, Lauer had other ideas. He proceeded to hit on Collins and had an affair with her shortly after.

Since the ex-intern has come forward with her story, she’s received serious backlash from the public, Fox News reports. And she says, “My family is shattered by this. … [T]here’s a lot of shame attached to what I did.” As for Roque, she has yet to make any public statements about the affair or any of Lauer’s assault allegations.

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4. Roque has filed for divorce in the past

Annette Roque and Matt Lauer in 2013.

Annette Roque and Matt Lauer seemed happy in their marriage. | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Six years after the alleged affair between Lauer and the intern, his wife filed for divorce. And in the documents, it says she accused him of committing “cruel and inhumane acts,” New York Daily News. The publication also notes Roque’s attorney said Lauer was very controlling over anything related to their finances, travel plans, or decorating.

Roque ended up withdrawing the documents. But it leaves us wondering what really went on with their marriage in the early years.

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5. The two are currently not wearing their wedding rings

Matt Lauer standing with his wife Annette.

Is this a sign their marriage is over? | Evan Agostini/Getty Images

They might still be married by law, but how close are Lauer and Roque these days? Entertainment Tonight reports Lauer stepped out in early December 2017 without his ring on. And his wife did the same.

Roque’s father says the two aren’t trying to work out their relationship after all. “She is not going to stay with him,” he says. Coupled with the fact that they are reportedly no longer living together, it seems divorce may be on the horizon.

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6. Roque has already met with lawyers

Annette Lauer posing on a red carpet.

She’s already looked into divorce. | Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

This isn’t the first time Roque has met with lawyers in regards to her husband, but it may be the last. Fox News reports just two weeks after the couple were both seen without their wedding rings, Roque was spotted stepping out of Latham & Watkins law firm in New York City.

According to one source, she’s making sure she gets a large settlement should a divorce result. And there are other issues concerning their properties and land they own that need to be worked out, too.

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7. Lauer is willing to do some ‘soul searching’ to repair his marriage

Matt Lauer standing outside in a suit.

Matt Lauer might be willing to save his marriage. | Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

While Roque is approaching lawyers, Lauer is looking deep within himself for the strength to pull out of his current mess. NPR notes following his firing from NBC, Lauer says he’s full of sorrow and regret for the pain he brought onto others. “Repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching and I’m committed to beginning that effort,” he says. “I am blessed to be surrounded by the people I love. I thank them for their patience and grace.”

As for whether his wife will accept his apology or if the recent allegations have impacted his kids, we have yet to see.

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