Meghan Markle Accused of Disrespecting the Queen by Breaking This British Royal Family Rule


Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth

Meghan Markle and Queen Elizabeth | Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is under the microscope again. There are plenty of rules members of the British royal family must follow, and it seems like she’s breaking a new one every day. Markle was seen doing something that some onlookers described as “disrespectful.” People who saw Markle at a recent event had a lot to say about the way the royal was sitting.

What was the uproar all about?

Members of the royal family are not allowed to sit with their legs crossed. However, Markle was seen at the Queen’s Young Leader Awards at Buckingham Palace, sitting with her legs in a crossed position, reports the UK’s Sun. People immediately took to social media to complain about the Duchess’ mishap. Said one user on Facebook: “Duchess of Sussex has her legs crossed wrong. All royal ladies cross at the ankles or put both legs off to the side.” However, other people on Facebook did try to come to the royal’s defense. Another person responded: “Oh get a life …”

It seems like Markle’s legs get a lot of attention. Some royal watchers were also talking when Markle ignored a strict royal fashion rule and decided not to wear nude stockings during her engagement announcement in 2017. Her bare legs seemed to get more comments on social media than the engagement.

Other things Meghan Markle isn’t allowed to do

British royal family members must follow strict rules. This means Meghan must quickly get used to a whole new way of life. Another royal rule has to do with nail polish. The duchess isn’t allowed to wear colorful polishes. Only natural nail colors are permitted during official events. Essie nail polish seems to be a royal favorite. Essie ballet slippers is the only color Queen Elizabeth wears. She’s been a faithful fan of the color since 1989, according to the nail polish company. People reports manicurist and make-up artist Marina Sandoval painted Kate Middleton’s nails with Essie allure and mixed it with Boujois’ rose lounge for the duchess’s 2011 wedding.

Royal family members are also prohibited from signing autographs. As an actress on the hit show Suits, Meghan likely became used to giving out autographs. However, those days are over. Members of the royal family are not permitted to sign autographs for their adoring fans, reports the U.K.’s Express. Unless there is an official signing at a royal engagement, no autographs are allowed. However, Prince Charles broke this rule back in 2010 when he wrote his name on a piece of paper for two Cornwall flood victims, reports the Daily Mail.

Times when both Meghan and Prince Harry broke the rules

Meghan isn’t the only rebel in the family. As mentioned earlier, Prince Charles has broken a rule or two. Prince Harry is also a rule breaker from time to time. The couple both broke royal tradition during their wedding reception. British royals tend to adhere to tradition and serve fruitcake at their wedding receptions because the cake is said to represent prosperity. However the royal couple chose instead to serve a lemon elderflower cake.

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