Meghan Markle and Harry’s Unconventional Relationship May Work Even Better Than Kate and William’s

We can’t help it. It’s nearly impossible to look at Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan Markle without comparing them to Prince William and Kate Middleton. The two unions are quite different on the surface — Will and Kate’s long courtship compared to Harry and Meghan’s whirlwind romance. But while both relationship makeups work in their own right, there’s a chance that Harry and Meghan’s unconventional relationship may even work better.

Here’s a look at how the two compare. (And don’t miss the one factor that may actually make Harry and Meghan’s relationship more difficult, on page 5.)

First, we look past the weddings

TRH Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge kiss on the balcony at Buckingham Palace on April 29, 2011 in London, England.

William and Kate on their wedding day. | Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

It’s too facile to compare these two relationships based on how their weddings played out. Yes, that seems like an easy indicator because the royal family tries to keep everything private and the internationally televised wedding is our best window into their lives. However, dissecting the grooms’ body language or the couples’ kiss out on the balcony aren’t the best indicators.

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Next, we look at age

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry carriage kiss

Harry was older than William was when he proposed. | Yui Mok/AFP/Getty Images

When we observe these two relationships, it’s important to note the different ages the couples got engaged at. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who met each other in college, got engaged in their late 20s after being together for nearly a decade. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, on the other hand, were both in their 30s when they got engaged. (And as we previously mentioned, dated for a shorter period of time.)

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What the age factor means

Duchess Kate, Prince William, Markle, and Prince Harry on Christmas Day 2017.

Will Harry and Meghan be happier because they met in their 30s? | Adrian Dennis/AFP/Getty Images

Relationship expert Andrea Syrtash tells Business Insider Harry and Meghan may have a leg up on having the better relationship because they got engaged in their 30s. “Our early and mid-20s are a time of discovery, not only of who we are and what we want, but who we want to be with,” she explains. “It’s good to evolve into that. I think it’s a positive sign that Harry and Meghan had experience on their side.”

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The benefit of bringing experience

Kate Middleton and Prince William at the diplomatic reception

Could their marriage backfire on them eventually?| Dominic Lipinski/Getty Images

Relationship therapist Rachel Sussman adds that bringing more experience into the union means Harry and Meghan have figured out what they want. “Usually, in your 30s you know what you like; you know what you don’t like,” she summarizes. She adds this could potentially backfire on William and Kate, who got married younger. “Prince William and (Kate) Middleton may potentially grow apart. Sometimes someone will feel that they’ve matured more or they’re growing apart or that one is changing and the other one is the same.”

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The rebuttal

Meghan Markle Harry Royal wedding

WIll being set in their ways affect their relationship? | Dominic Lipinski/AFP/Getty Images

We aren’t saying Harry and Meghan’s relationship is perfect, by any means. In fact, starting a relationship later in life may affect a couples’ sense of independence. “You’re more set in your ways by the time you’re in your 30s,” Sussman explains. “You’ve been dating (other people) and living independently for 15 years already. It might not be as easy to set up house. It might not be as easy to share expenses and to have financial disclosure.”

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Keep the monarchy in mind

Does the line of succession have an impact on their relationship. | Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

It’s imperative to note that where Princes William and Harry are in the line of succession also has an effect on their relationships. Most notably, how they act in public. Sussman tells Business Insider the Duke and Duchess of Sussex “can be more flexible because they’re farther down in line for the throne” when it comes to growing as a couple. “The more you can be yourself, and the less scrutiny you have, the healthier that is for a relationship,” she says.

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Looking to the future

Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex wave as they leave Windsor Castle after their wedding to attend an evening reception at Frogmore House, hosted by the Prince of Wales on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England.

Will they have a storybook marriage? | Steve Parsons-WPA Pool/Getty Images

When all is said and done, there’s really no surefire way to determine how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage will evolve. But experts do point out there are tools to ensure their union is a happy one. Sussman tells Business Insider she recommends couples who meet later in life remember they have a fun journey ahead of them. “The best is yet to come. I’m committed to spending my life with this person.”

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