Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Completely Adorable Valentine’s Day Plans

All eyes have been on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ever since it was revealed they were an item. Now that they’re engaged, their every move is documented. People just can’t seem to get enough of this cute couple. It’s their first Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple. Where and how will they spend love day? We’ve got the deets.

Here are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s adorable Valentine’s Day plans.

Meghan loves Valentine’s Day

Meghan Markle smiling as she holds up her left hand.

She loves the most romantic day of the year. | Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images

This is a special day for Markle. She once declared on her former website, The Tig, how much she adores Valentine’s Day. “Hook, line and sinker, I am such a sucker for Valentine’s Day. Without fail, every February 14th, I wake up feeling like I’m immersed in a Robert Doisneau photo, waiting with bated breath to be dipped into a kiss. This is all happening in black and white, of course. And in Paris, if I had my way,” said Markle.

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She has some great advice for those who are single

Meghan Markle looking straight ahead.

Single? Meghan thinks you should spoil yourself. | Ben Birchall/AFP/Getty Images

In that same article, Markle had a message for all the single folks out there. She wanted all the singles to remember that it’s still their day. You might see commercials and cards celebrating everyone who is coupled up, but Markle had this to say to anyone not in a relationship: “I think you need to cook that beautiful dinner even when it’s just you, wear your favorite outfit, buy yourself some flowers, and celebrate the self-love that often gets muddled when we focus on what we don’t have,” said Markle on her website.

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How Meghan and Prince Harry spent Valentine’s Day last year

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle during an official photocall to announce the engagement.

They had a low-key Valentine’s Day last year. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

February 2017 was the couple’s very first Valentine’s Day. Believe it or not, there was little fanfare. A source told US Weekly they didn’t make a big fuss. Instead, they opted to stay in and spend time at Kensington Palace. “Harry and Meghan are together at Kensington Palace. Tonight, she and Harry are staying in for Valentine’s,” said the source.

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Where the couple will be this Valentine’s Day

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walking together.

This year, they’ll be spending V-Day in Scotland. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This year, Markle and Prince Harry will spend their time in Scotland. The lovebirds will be combining Valentine’s Day with social service. This demonstrates their shared interest in helping others and reaffirms just how compatible the couple is. Although this day is typically dedicated to all the couples out there, they have chosen to also make this day about helping others.

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What they’ll be doing

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry laughing while sitting together.

They’ll have some royal engagements to attend to. | Andy Stenning/AFP/Getty Images

The couple will begin their trip in Edinburgh on February 13. During their royal visit, they’ll make a stop at Edinburgh Castle. They will also visit a cafe run by Social Bite, an organization that focuses on fighting homelessness. In addition, Markle and Prince Harry will attend a reception to honor Scotland’s youth. This event commemorates the Scottish Year of Young People.

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Countdown to the wedding — and the long-awaited guest list

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle watch a performance by a Welsh choir.

The wedding is sure to be a star-studded event to remember. |  Ben Birchall /WPA Pool / Getty Images

So who will be invited to the royal wedding? A source close to the royal family told Daily Star Online that musicians Elton John and Sting have been invited to the wedding, reports the UK’s Express. Elton John’s invitation isn’t surprising, considering he was a very close friend of Princess Diana. He sang the song “Candle in the Wind” at her funeral in 1997.

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After the wedding

Meghan Markle smiling as Prince Harry holds her back.

The wedding plans are in full swing. | Matt Dunham/WPA Pool/Getty Images

It was recently revealed that Markle and Prince Harry will have a carriage procession through Windsor after their wedding ceremony. This way they will be able to greet fans after they tie the knot. Kensington Palace shared the updates, also revealing the wedding will take place at noon at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle. The reception will be held inside the castle at St. George’s Hall. A second reception will be held for close family and friends, reports the UK’s Express.

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