Meghan Markle Uses These Secrets to Hide From the Public (Including Her Go-to Disguise)

Kensington Palace in London

Kensington Palace | Jupiterimages

As one of the most photographed and followed women on the planet, Meghan Markle is forced to go to great lengths for a little privacy. And being such a city girl, Prince Harry’s new wife has brilliant strategies for hiding in plain sight while out and about in ever-busy London.

Here we’ll look at the ways the Duchess of Sussex gets around without being recognized. See how she blended in when rushing to secret wedding dress fittings (page 4) and also which big U.S. city she visited incognito just weeks before her wedding (page 6).

1. Kensington Palace has 6 exits and entrances

The new Duchess of Sussex makes good use of Kensington Palace’s six entrances and exits. Bystanders never know which one she’ll slip out of for a trip to the gym, grocery store, or the trendy shops and boutiques of nearby Kensington High Street.

2. She and Harry swap which cars they use

While royal watchers can often spot Kate Middleton in public any day of the week, spotting Markle can be a little trickier. “Meghan and Harry have taken their privacy to a whole new level,” a source told E! In addition to wearing disguises, Markle and her prince constantly swap which car they use. So, keeping an eye out for a specific car model and color will do royal watchers no good.

“They’re being extremely clever so they can go in and out without being seen,” the sources said. “They are taking a completely different approach than William and Kate.”

3. She wears hats to help blend in

Meghan Markle out in London | Meghan’s Mirror via Twitter

Markle is a known yoga fanatic. She’s been going to classes at fitness studio Heartcore London, reports say. Blog Meghan’s Mirror shared photos of the duchess-to-be just a couple weeks before the wedding en route to yoga class. She blended in with a gray slouchy hat, aviator sunglasses, and a large umbrella.

Harper’s Bazaar also shared photos of the duchess leaving a London gym in her signature sunglasses and a black hoodie. She’s sure to try and sneak out for her yoga fix whenever possible. “My mom was a yoga instructor so that practice is in my blood,” she said.

4. Undercover fittings for her wedding dress

Not only did Markle keep the designer and the look of her wedding dress top secret up to the day of her wedding, but she also went to her dress fittings in disguise. To keep her dress plans and the designer under wraps, the duchess-to-be did her fittings at the Chelsea house of Givenchy’s artistic director.

To stay incognito en route to her fittings, she “would rush through London dressed down in a cap or beanie,” The Sun reported. Keeping the silk gown under wraps was a huge operation in itself, with just five people knowing the details about it ahead of time.

5. Harry dons baseball caps, too

Prince Harry in a baseball cap. | E! News via Twitter

If it weren’t for his ginger hair, Prince Harry would blend in well in his preferred stylish yet casual choice of clothing. But it’s nothing a baseball cap won’t help conceal — and that’s just what the royal did when visiting Markle in her Toronto home for Easter 2017. But nevertheless, the eagle-eyed paparazzi did spot him. They released grainy photos of the hat-clad prince, slipping into his love’s abode late at night, a large duffel bag in hand.

6. Markle slipped into Chicago in a White Sox hat

Meghan Markle visiting Chicago, 2017. | Chicago Tribune via Twitter

Markle managed to visit Chicago without fanfare in April 2018, Chicago Tribune reported. She swept into town wearing a black Chicago White Sox baseball cap. Astute observers did notice her at O’Hare International Airport and at a visa application office in the city’s West Loop.

The Northwestern University alum may have managed to dine incognito at some of the city’s world-renowned restaurants. There was a reported sighting at upscale eatery Booth One, but a rep for the restaurant “was not able to comment on that.”

7. She talked about Harry using code on the Suits set

It might not be a physical disguise, but Markle devised a secret way to talk about Harry to her close friends on the Suits set without saying his real name out loud. She’d confided in them about just whom she was dating and started to refer to him simply as “London.”

Wendell Pierce, who played Markle’s dad on the show, said they talked about Harry “in code, really. You know, ‘How you doing’ ‘Oh, I’m going to London, coming from London, whatever.’”

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