Meghan Markle’s Healthy Cooking Secrets, Revealed

If you think Meghan Markle was on a strict wedding diet, think again. While the royal newlywed does tend to eat on the healthier side of the spectrum, she’s also pretty laid back about dieting. That said, in order to indulge in some of her favorite recipes and stay healthy, she has had to figure out some tricks to making meals healthy without compromising flavor.

From her genius butter substitute (page 2) to how she uses food to kick-start her digestion (page 6), we uncover Meghan Markle’s healthy cooking secrets, ahead.

1. Lemon brings out the flavor in steak

Salmon steak with lemon

This trick is one of her go-tos. | Alexkladoff/iStock/Getty Images

Engagement chicken isn’t the only type of meat Markle has mastered in the kitchen. In fact, she knows her way around steak, too. Her number one cooking secret for making the perfect steak? Squeeze a little lemon juice on it before serving. “Nobody tastes the lemon, but it really brings out the steak’s flavor,” she shared in an interview with Delish.

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2. Zucchini instead of butter

raw zucchini

The creaminess of cooked zucchini resembles butter. | Margouillatphotos/iStock/Getty Images

When it comes to cooking Italian food, Markle has discovered the secret ingredient: zucchini. The royal bride-to-be slow cooks zucchini for up to five hours until it turns to mush, then tosses it into her pasta. “The sauce gets so creamy you’d swear there’s tons of butter and oil in it, but it’s just zucchini, water and a little bouillon,” she told Delish.

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3. Green juice is the perfect pick-me-up

Green Smoothie

This treat is perfect for your afternoon crash. | Kaycco/iStock/Getty Images

Instead of a 2 p.m. coffee break, Markle looks to green juice as an afternoon pick-me-up. “Green juice is a food-as-medicine philosophy for me,” she told Delish. The royal bride-to-be doesn’t consider it to be as life-changing as most other Los Angeles natives would, but she recognizes its benefits and drinks it often.

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4. Gluten-free is key


Pasta is great, but going gluten-free may help your skin. | Fudio/iStock/Getty Images

While she’s not afraid to indulge in pasta when traveling, Markle doesn’t always make it at home, as the gluten tends to wreak havoc on her complexion.

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5. A healthy breakfast is a must

Porridge from oatmeal

Steel cut oats and fruit is a great way to start the day. | ArtCookStudio/iStock/Getty Images

As the most important meal of the day, eating a well-balanced breakfast can set you up for success — especially if you’re trying to eat healthily. And while Markle occasionally indulges in an omelet with cheese and toast, her go-to is steel cut oats, banana, and a little bit of natural agave syrup.

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6. Hot water and lemon

Winter hot lemon drink

This morning trick will help you digest your food. | Anyaivanova/iStock/Getty Images

The key to a healthy diet is starting the day off right. So, in addition to eating a healthy breakfast of steel cut oats and banana, Markle steeps lemon slices in hot water. Not only can the natural tea provide the body with a boost of energy, but it can also kickstart the digestive system and rehydrate the body, too.

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7. Healthy snacking is happy snacking

Almond Butter

Rather than junk food, Meghan Markle opts for apple with almond butter. | Bhofack2/iStock/Getty Images

Markle is no stranger to snacking. That said, she typically goes for something a little healthier than say, a bag of potato chips. Instead of filling up on junk food, Markle satisfies her appetite (and sweet tooth) with apple slices, almond butter, and a little bit of sea salt.

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