This Is Meghan Markle’s Exact Plan to Get Ready for Her Wedding

Getting ready for a wedding is crazy enough as it is. But what’s it like planning to marry into one of the most prolific families on the planet? That’s the task Meghan Markle is facing, as she readies to say “I do” to Prince Harry. What do her preparations for the big day entail? We take a look at how she’s getting ready for her royal wedding.

Finish etiquette training

US actress Meghan Markle visits Nottingham for her first official public engagement with fiancee Prince Harry on December 1, 2017 in Nottingham, England. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement on Monday 27th November 2017 and will marry at St George's Chapel, Windsor in May 2018.

She’s getting a crash course in royal etiquette. | Jeremy Selwyn-WPA Pool/Getty Images

As we discussed a few months back, Markle has been going through etiquette training before becoming an official royal. This includes being briefed on proper protocol before public appearances and charity events, which she has already been attending since becoming engaged to Prince Harry.

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Meet with local organizations and charities

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry laughing

She’s getting to know the royals’ favorite charities. | Andy Stenning/AFP/Getty Images

Markle has been accompanying Prince Harry on a tour of the U.K. to meet communities and organizations and get to know the people. This is important for understanding the needs of the people, especially when it comes to choosing which charities and organizations she will support as her royal duties ramp up.

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Get baptized

Meghan Markle

It’s just another thing on her to-do list. | Oli Scarff/AFP/Getty Images

Before she can marry Prince Harry, Markle has to go through two religious ceremonies to be christened and confirmed by the Church of England. (She is marrying the grandson of the head of the church, after all.)  Her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton went through the same scenario before she could marry Prince William in 2011. The ceremony for Markle is expected to be small and very private.

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Become accustomed to having aides

Meghan Markle during an official photocall to announce the engagement

The days of going out alone are over. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Taking a “me day” at the local spa or gossiping on social media are things of the past once you become a royal. For Markle, this has has meant giving up all of her social media accounts and reeling in her personal views, political or otherwise. (And no more pretty Vanity Fair cover stories either.) She is becoming accustomed to having royal aides who make statements for her right-hand lady Amy Pickerill to help keep her organized and ready for big events.

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Get into ‘wedding shape’

She’s getting in shape for the wedding. | Meghan Markle via Instagram

Getting ready for a wedding to a royal doesn’t have to be all business. Markle is getting into shape and pampering herself, so she looks her utmost best on her big day. Everything from sweaty yoga sessions to a healthy skin regimen is put into play to help Markle sparkle when she walks down the aisle on May 19. (There’s no word yet whether she’ll choose to do her own wedding makeup like Kate Middleton did.)

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Overseeing the details

Meghan Markle attends Christmas Day Church service at Church of St Mary Magdalene on December 25, 2017

She’s overseeing details big and small. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry and his bride-to-be will spend time working with royal aides to make sure everything is in place for the big day. That could include getting all the RSVPs from that heavily guarded guest list or making sure there will be enough french fries for Markle munch on at the reception.

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Get the dress!

Meghan Markle close up tinted lip

What will the dress look like? | Adrian Dennis/AFP Photo/Pool/Getty Images

Is there anything more important for the bride than getting her dream dress? Markle’s dress style and designer are, naturally, being kept well under wraps. (But it is being speculated that French designer Roland Mouret has the job of dressing Markle for her wedding day.) Everyone will just have to tune in May 19 to see what this mystery frock will look like.

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